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Plum Root Agate

Plum Root Agate

Plum Root Agate

The Gem

Plum Root Agate is regarded as a Power Gemstone, as it is very grounding, sturdy and secure. This particular stone is familiar as a magnificent stone for restoring  and balancing your body, soul  and intellect. This stone is a combination of  igneous rock and silica deposits in underground water.  It helps its wearer to make decisions keeping in mind the practical aspect of life. . It is a stone of victory and  also induces serenity and floating strength to go with  the situations by accepting the present.  This stone is also excellent for balancing one’s emotion.  It’s dark unaccountable dots are especially helpful in soothing  one’s fears, appeases the disturbed minds and also maintains harmony to the body and soul. It gives benefit for the wearing individual, the strength to express his heart and being a stone of profound force. It has the tendency  to connect the users with his past karma and also heals the bad side of karma.  By increasing high meditative condition, it motivates to liberate all the emotional connection and also unbound the mind to search and find a higher responsiveness to accumulate the past life karmic work.

Why should I wear?

The stone plum root agate brings new positive  flow in an individual’s life, it also awakens a person’s mind with the underlying truth of our existence and the reason for all clashes that we face. It oozes up the wearer’s mind with new positive thought and wash away all negative force, thus helping them to overcome all the hurdles of life and achieve success.These petrified palms further aids the users  to develop a high sense of patience and to stay with a constructive future plan of actions. This particular stone always helps to make correct financial dealings, transactions and decisions and thus bring more financial gains. It also makes the lifespan of a person better, enhances joy in life and also brings positive development in one’s life. It is a powerful stone. Being well known as a powerful and effective stone it removes and clears all hurdles and also open up a fresh path for a person.

Benefits and Effect

Plum root agate is believed to assist in retaining physical strength and force by eradicating hip and spine related disorder. It also helps to make bones strong, it also encourages the thought of well being for others. Palm root agate is a powerful stone for meditation, and assists its users to explore the correct anticipation in life. It also helps to foster the business that is why it is known as a stone of success.

It also grows the necessary elements in the body, and aids to resume and develop the capacity to absorb vitamins and necessary minerals. It also helps to improve the digestive system as well as intensify cellular growth and the defense mechanism of our body. It also supports the digestive system and also unclutters the body toxins and keeps our skin smooth and fresh. It also assists in strengthening the structure of the total physical body.

Palm root agate is well known for its successful dealing with viral infection. It treats all the inflammation that is related to all illness. It also assists the reproductive system in both females as well as males. As a magnificent toning up stone, it regulates the blood circulation and strengthens the body’s capacity of filtration. It treats and heals problems related to dysfunction kidneys. With its curative quality, it assists to bind the bone and cellular system. It also treats impotence and increases fertility in both the genders.

It has stress relieving superiority, it cleans negativity from surrounding and restores peace and harmony.  As a preserved stone, it makes the broken heart strong and helps a person not get swayed away in rejection, abandonment. Plum agate also develops and encourages the feeling of compassion for everyone thus transforming negative feelings to positivity, love for oneself and others. Its usefulness is also seen when the stone helps to forget past trauma and brings an emergence of new positive thought.

By calming the inner self of a person,it helps people to cherish past achievements and also develop desires for new goals, aspirations in mind and also encourages positive attitude to accomplish those goals in life.


Origin – Mississippi, Texas, some parts of the USA.

Birthstone month – March

Ruling planet- Sun

Profession – Teachers, writers, artists, leaders, ministers, and others as suggested.

Significance – Plum root agate is empowered with a comfortable mellifluous energy, and its effect can be felt especially when it is in touch with one’s body part. It is well known for its mystical approach in healing a trauma. It inculcates faith in others, clears unnecessary doubts and anxiety from mind. It is connected with root chakra and tends to discharge its energy and mixes with entire body functions. It brings the body and mind of the wearer in harmony thus developing a state of relaxation and happiness in his life.  It boost ups the energy which encourage to sustain healthy sex life.to   By resonating with in oneself the base chakra, it also emits the positive force which gives its users to develop mystical power with in themselves.  This root chakra also aids the wearer of the gem to develop natural leadership which is hidden in him. It too commands the strength and balance to nurture his leadership quality. It brings briskness in the life of a person.  It also has a tendency to find a way for heart chakra,and keeps the system of cardiovascular strong. It too supervises the reciprocity  of the users with the outside world and also assists him to express his warm affections for others. Additionally it also keeps the relationships among near and dear intact.

Color – Red, orange, reddish brown

Density –  2.70 – 2.74 g/cm3

Species- Silicon dioxide

Jewellery metal – Silver

Wearing day- Sunday

Caution – Since Plum root agate has high energy, do not wear it with all the other stones. Do take advice from an expert astrologer. Do not expose the stone to extreme heat and sunlight. Clean it once you feel its shade is faded with the help of warm water and mild soap.

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