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Purple Sapphire Ceylon

Purple Sapphire

Certified Purple Sapphire Ceylonese Gemstone

Purple Sapphire is a precious gemstone, which belongs to the variety of mineral corundum. Gem quality corundum mineral is extremely rare to find, so sapphire is the most expensive gemstone till now. It has a hardness of 9 on the Moh’s scale. Purple Sapphire is transparent to opaque in the appearance. Purple sapphire is highly beneficial to propel negative effect of Saturn and Venus in the birth chart of the wearer.
Sapphire is pleochoric, displaying lighter and sharper colors when viewed from different angles. It is the gemstone for the people who are born in the month of September. As, for the zodiac, it is related sun sign Taurus. If a Taurus sun sign wears a Sapphire, it can give immense benefit and can also cure mental disorders.

Origin: It is mainly found in SriLanka and Burma. Sapphire of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) is known for its best result. The popularity of Purple Sapphire can be traced back to the blue diamond. Blue Diamond is one of the most fascinating and rarest gemstones found till now. Purple Sapphire is the most affordable alternative to the Blue Diamonds. This Sapphire is found in natural form in the earth.

Benefits of Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire is the gemstone of wisdom and spiritual awakening. It brings intuition to the wearer. Purple Sapphire is highly beneficial for awakening romance and love in the wearer’s life. It diminishes unnecessary thoughts from life and brings happiness. It is highly effective for increasing self-confidence and self-esteem of a person. It is a symbol of power and strength.
It opens the third eye chakra and also heals the Crown Chakra. It is also considered as a blessing stone for the married couple.

Purple Sapphire Emotional Healing Energy

Purple sapphire is calming to those who are emotionally unstable. It balances excessive emotional trauma. It removes worries, depression, fears and re establish emotions.

Purple Sapphire helpful in Career and Profession

Purple Sapphire is the sign of wisdom and spiritual awakening, it is highly effective for increasing concentration and enhances memory power. It is good for people who are in the profession of art and creativity. Purple sapphire is excellent for the people who are in the profession of acting, painting, singing, medical, administration, public jobs, teaching and scientist.

Purple Sapphire in Gems Therapy | Medical Astrology

Purple Sapphire is traditionally used to cure sexual and infertility disorders in a person. If you are passing by the trauma of decreased sexual pleasure in your life, then Purple Sapphire can rejoice the lost pleasure. It is highly effective for the treatment of Infertility in female and Azoospermia in male. It is also helpful in curing pancreas, leaver, brain disorders, sinus, severe cough, cold, bronchitis, arthritis, spondylitis, bone diseases, Lupus, Motor Neuron disease.

Since ancient time, it is considered as blessings for the enhanced marital happiness. It is considered very auspicious for starting a family. It is very helpful for women who are pregnant also combat delivery pain.

Please note: As, color specific Sapphires are very rare, so it is essential to consult proper Medical Astrologer, to know the specific cause of the disease.
If you are looking for a Medical Astrologer, then you may contact Mr. Prashant Kapoor.

Wholesale price of Purple Sapphire: We provide certified natural Purple Sapphire online at wholesale price. You can either visit our office or can buy online from our Astro store.

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