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Red Banded Agate

Red Banded Agate

The Gemstone

Red banded agate gemstone brings vivacity to move ahead in the future. An astonishing stone to bright up and ignite the positive energy in your heart once again. Also known as the warriors’ gemstone by many astrologers. Red agate’s special effects on steadiness are ahead of the normal stone. The gemstone terminates the obsession for belongings that are not essential. One enormous information about red agate is its serving people with multi-tasking abilities and those who manage commitments. The red agates defend the main chakra of our human body, which typically termed as the root chakra. Red Agates encourages protection, foundation, and vivacity. It also ignites the other aspects of power within the physical body. It heals the illness in love, broken-hearted and bitterness that stops in ever lasting relationships. This assists in intestinal sickness such as gastritis. The Red Banded Agate gemstone helps to develop a bond with your physical body and can make you experience strength when feeling in poor health. It is a good gemstone for strength of mind and acquiring courage and power when required most. Red Banded Agate also is believed to boost power and battle laziness.

Why should I wear?

Red agate gemstone helps in the expansion of your understanding of reality. This upgrades someone’s rational thinking and supports vital decision making.  It is an influential gemstone which helps in comforting and steadiness that can be helpful in self-analysis. It is a powerful gemstone that influences self-acceptance and self-assurance. It brings firmness that motivates its users to pay attention to their inner judgments and logical thinking about the truth. It distracts the unconstructive and harsh hypothesis of your love and reduces rage. It deeply supports people with painful disorders. The Power of this gemstone gives you more warmth and enthusiasm and well to a great extent upgrades your love life. In fact, this gemstone can be used when you bond with someone and you can share the stone with them. It can also augment our memory and guarantee that we can ultimately get rid of our annoyance or negativity and in such a way, emotional suffering of a person becomes less and he understands the importance of this life, the agate emits harmony and safety. The Red Agate gemstone is going to assist you to give superior judgement and make you more certain when you have to express your mind or make a sensible decision. The red agate can be worn out right on the skin or in your pouch. It furthers its harmonious vibrations in the physical body. These vibrations can assist us to alleviate health and mental anxiety, vision deterioration.

Benefits or Effects

According to belief, the red agate was worn for menstrual cycle and gastrointestinal problems. But in addition to this with influenza and other feverish infections also this blessed gemstone was used. . The influence of red agate goes throughout our digestive organism and supports in curing gastroenteritis. A magnificent gemstone that cures our uterus, stomach, eyes, intestines, and a bundle of other trouble. This comprises the treating of skin ailments such as familiar insect bites.

Red banded agate is a powerful stone from the family of quartz that help the appropriate run of blood vessels as well as the backing up of the heart. However, by means of placing this gemstone in your cardiac area builds your heart well built

Red agate is also immense in curing flu and fevers by just keeping the gemstone on your forehead. The reddish stone is typically used to build up the inner sense of balance. Harmful power is set aside from the carrier of the remedial gemstone or transformed into positive power. The users of the red agate therefore sense a positive power and thus more self-assurance. Nightmares and nervousness also have no possibility to approach because of this gemstone and this is also one of the main reasons why the agate red is particularly admired in exam times. The red agate can alleviate stomach and menses related cramps. So that physical disorders do not even occur, it can also be worn for health trouble. The reinforcement of the blood cells and circulation also falls under the ​​responsibility of this stone. If you want to completely influence a definite part of your body, you  place this influential stone straight on the wounded area of ​​the body. Agate encourages our self-respect and assists us to acknowledge ourselves as we actually are.


Origin- Unite States, Morocco, India, Brazil, Sicily

Birthstone month – November

Ruling planet– Mars

Profession – Artists, singers, painters, teachers and all other professionals suggested by an astrologer.

Significance – The red banded agate, also recognized as the Warrior’s gemstone, has an orange to reddish shade.  All colours differences  are equal to the striped pattern of the gemstone. Because of this strip pattern not a single red agate resembles each other, so each of these magic of mother nature is distinctive. If the red agate get in touch with the skin, it cannot only alleviate test nervousness, but also encourage lucidity and knowledge. In addition to its consequence as a remedial gemstone, it is still pre-owned today as an ornament and polishing stone.

Additionally, the agate has a constructive effect on the lymphoid tissue and is an outstanding remedial gemstone for anything related to the ear, nose and throat. Whenever you have any of these troubles, just place the Red Agate gemstone near you and particularly when you are feeling lethargic.  It uplifts his equilibrium vibrations in the users’ body. These vibrations assist us to alleviate health and mental anxiety and vision damages.

Colour- Grey, black, brown, white, yellow and orange

Species- Quartz

Density – 2.60 to 2.64

Jewellery metal-. As per the direction of an astrologer.

Wearing day– Tuesday

Caution- Do not forget to wash your stone in regular intervals. Use normal luke warm water during winter but during summer can wash it under flowing water, preferably in the morning. The agate is tremendously heat resistant, but can break due to quick temperature variations. To get it back to glow, a cleansing with mild soap is sufficient. The red agate can be worn out straight on the skin as an ornament  or in your pocket.

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