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Certified Rhodonite Sem Precious Gemstone

Rhodonite is also called a red and pink stone. This stone is an emotional balancer, and a strong healer. Rhodonite is rose pink to dark red in color. It has black dendritic inclusions on the surface. It has often mottled, often flecked with black and small tumbled shape. It is composed of manganese silicate and is a member of the pyroxenoid group. A grayish brown variety of Rhodonite, which contains 20% calcium oxide, is known as bustamite. It has a hardness of 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.
Rhodonite word has come from the Greek dictionary “rhodon”, which means rose color. It is a very attractive gemstone, so it is highly useful in jewelry and ornament making. In the year 1979, it was declared as the official gemstone of Massachusetts.

Identifying Rhodonite
It can be identified by its rosy pink to dark red in color

Rhodonite Origin: It is commonly found in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Germany, Mexico and Brazil.

Determining Rhodonite Gemstone Value

Rhodonite color: This is soft pink to red in color. It has smooth surface and very less amount of black inclusions are present.
Rhodonite clarity and luster: It is generally transparent to opaque. Transparent stone is very rarely found. Black inclusions on the surface are present due to manganese oxide. When polished, it exhibits a vitreous luster.
Rhodonite cut and shape: It is typically cut on cabochon or carved. It is found in a natural way. It is not heated or enhanced.

Why Semi Precious stone Rhodonite?

Rhodonite can be used to enhance the optimism and positivity in the life of the wearer.It can be used against the black magic and ill eye. Semiprecious gems are cheaper than the precious stone. These are very soothing and can be worn, even if you don’t have any birth chart. These heal the mind and body and balance all the chakras of the body.
It is highly effective to balance the ill placed Mars in the birth chart. It is a harmless stone and it also increases sexual vigor in a person. It increases romantic pleasure in a dull marital life. Rhodonite can be used studded in a necklace, rings or pendants.


It is a very supportive stone, which works and balances the heart chakra. It heals emotional shock and pain. This stone stimulates, clears, and activates the heart and crown chakra. It releases the negative energies and balances the yin-yang.
Rhodonite heals emotional self-destruction and abuse. It clears the past emotional wounds also. This stone has a strong resonance with forgiveness and assists in reconciliation. It can also be sued in the past life healing and regression. It promotes unselfish love.
Like Rhodochroscite it helps it invoke inner love and passion. It balances and integrates physical and mental energy in an optimum level. It builds up self confidence and removes the confusion.

Rhodonite Healing
Physically, it supports detoxification. It is an excellent wound healer. It reduces confusion and emotional misbalance. It is very beneficial for bone growth and hearing organs. It stimulates fertility and enhances sexual strength.
This treats stomach ulcers, inflammation of joints, arthritis, autoimmune disease, and multiple sclerosis. It is used as an elixir as a rescue remedy for shock. technical field. It is highly effective for the people who are in the public domain and administrators. This stone calms the overactive mind and releases tension and negative thoughts.
Gems Therapy
It activates the pineal gland. It aligns the chakra and removes blockages to clear chakra. Its gentle pink ray is particularly appropriate for assisting emotional healing.

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