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Ruby Johnson African

Ruby Johnson Africa

Ruby Johnson African Mine

Ruby Johnson African Mine is a red color gemstone. Ruby Johnson mine is a variety of pink to red color corundum. Ruby is one of the most highly colored precious gemstones. It is prized for centuries because of its excellent hardness on the Moh’s scale. In the ancient Indian language, Ruby is called as “Manik”. Ruby Johnson African mine can be determined by its hardness on the Moh’s scale. Natural Ruby is differentiated from synthetic rubies as it contains little inclusions. It is the gemstone for enhancing Sun.


Ruby Johnson Mine is mainly sourced from Africa and known for it’s best results than ruby compared to mining from Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Srilanka, Australia, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Nepal, Pakistan.

Ruby Johnson African Mine value

Identifying Ruby – The color of the ruby is one of its most striking features. The most accepted colour of Ruby is red to light pink. Sometimes it is also called as Pink Sapphire.
Clarity and Luster
Ruby Johnson Mine is slightly opaque with shiny surface. It is smooth in appearance and soft in touch.

Ruby Johnson Mine Stimulates Vitality and Energy

Ruby gemstone is very well known for its deep red color. It has excellent power for recharging the lost energy. This red gemstone denotes planet “Sun”. It imparts vitality, and strength as the power of the Sun. Wearing Ruby Johnson Mine pendant can protect a person during any critical conditions. It encourages vitality, sexuality, sensuality and energy. This red gemstone is a heart-centered stone. It is a stone of manifestation, and also supports the retention of wealth of all sorts. As per the gemological fundamentals it has around 9 hardness which is nearby of diamond and this is also called as a universal gemstone which can be worn by anyone and would benefit for sure. This comes in ‘Pinkish Red’ color as a six Star Johnson Ruby also in ‘Purplish Red’ color too. This also works as a reflector for planet Venus and Mars to imbibe the energy in person even when these planets are in their debilitation stage. Its combination of ‘Six Star Johnson Ruby’ is very popular among Bollywood people to gain popularity, bringing back true love in their life, lovemaking, popularity, harmony in life, child wellness and good for strong bones.

Metaphysical Properties

Ruby enhances the root chakra. This beautiful red stone allows one to recognize one owns strength. It has a vibration that radiates the intensity of positive energy. Ruby Johnson mine also encourages leadership qualities in a person. It stimulates the pineal gland.

Why Ruby Johnson Mine

It prevents the person from psychic attack. Ruby Johnson mine removes negativity and helps to maintain proper balance between the grounding energies. Ruby has long been known to protect its wearer from the injury and any natural calamity. According to Hindu system, Ruby is related to Mooldhara Chakra. This Mooldhara chakra represents Kundalini, the spiritual energy, the power of pure desire. This is the birthstone for the person born in the month of July.

Famous Ruby Gemstones

The famous ruby gemstones found up till now is “Edwards Ruby “. which has a weight of 167 carats and is displayed at the British Museum of Natural History In London.

Why Ruby Johnson Mine from Astrokapoor

We are the only organization who is entitled to get raw ruby rough from direct Johnson Mine and has own manufacturing provide natural, lab certified ruby Johnson mine at a wholesale price. All our gemstones are tested in lab. You can directly buy online Ruby Johnson Mine from our wholesale Gemstone store.

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