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The Gemstone

Scolecite is one of the extraordinary vibrating gemstones, and is a powerful gem which supports better communication, especially with one’s own mind. It is a gem that arouses the positive energy in the mind and also  has a strong vibrating energy within the chakras. This encourages deep mental peace, harmony and spiritual transfiguration. It is an amazing stone which assists you to feel peaceful and more comfortable. When you keep a Scolecite  stone under your pillow it is very useful to help for a relaxed sleep.

Once you have started using this stone you will cherish the magnificent contribution that it escorts into your life. This beautiful gem aids you to get the things that you aspire into your life, as it supports you to lead your life the way you want .The vibrating forces of this magnificent gemstone also helps to orient  the chakras in the same alignment and helps in preserving the balance with the environment. This particular gemstone was first discovered  in 1813 by A.F. Gehlan and J.N. Fuchs in Germany, and was termed for the Greek word which means “worm”.

Why should I wear?

Scolecite is the gemstone of inner peace and harmony, and will be the ideal treatment for anyone looking to the stage of calmness, especially after a long exhausting day. This gemstone initiates our upper chakras and is mostly used as a meditation equipment. Scolecite builds up and activates our third eye and gives permission for severe eloquent dreaming. By wearing this stone, a person becomes positive in his thought process and can dream big. Scolecite not only encourages you to aim a big goal in life, but also helps to achieve the particular goal and live a prosperous and fulfilling life. This particular step also helps to recognize his enemies inside and outside the house, and endows him wisdom, diplomacy to handle them appropriately.Scolecite also helps to free anything that may be the reason for pain from within. This particular stone works as a purifier and it cleanses all your negative energy and emotions when you use it daily. Scolecite is a perfect gemstone for an individual who is aiming to do dream work or increase their power of retention and recollection . It is a stone which also helps first time entrepreneurs and helps them to do calculative investment.

Benefits or Effects

Scolecite is a gemstone that is persuaded to purify the physical body and keep it shielded against the body blood sucker to get into it. It also cures intestinal disarray, along with the problems  of the spinal positioning.The power of the gemstone assists the soul to take control of life in addition to identifying the root causes of all physical disorders.  On the physical ground, scolecite has the potentiality to improve the blood circulation and thus boosts up the function of the cardiovascular system. It cures the clotting of blood as well as block arteries. Again, the active aura of the gem heals the issues of injury along with distress related to eyes, lungs, intellect and spine.

Scolecite is frequently observed to boost the power of the heart as well as the all total physical body to draw positive energy and peace in life. A stone of wealth and help its users to accumulate wealth through hard work and consistency.It too offers solace from all kinds of worries and anxiety. It likewise helps in preserving calmness, and composure in an individual’s life so that he is high enough to live through the sudden provocation of life. Moreover, the calming white powers of the gemstone balances all relationships by filling in loving and pleasant force in the inner mind. The high spirit  of the gem motivates to think high,and increases creativity. . It too motivates the psyche to work out on new scopes to live a peaceful life as well as motivates to express oneself with others.. It makes the mind kind  by bringing peace in mind  and liberating the phobia of the past pain. It eradicates cruelty  from life and the individual’s personality thoroughly. It unlocks the door of the heart to reveal the emotional persona to the near and dear ones and aids to develop the heart to heart association among all relatives.

Scolecite will pace up the rejuvenating process, assisting you to gather your vitality and compose yourself so that you can concentrate and get prepare for your next ventures or activities.


Origin –  Iceland and very few parts of India.

Colour- Mostly colourless, but sometimes seen in pink and colourless.

Birthstone month – February

Ruling planet- Moon

Profession – Writers, painters, teachers, musicians and all other professions guided by an astrologer can wear this particular stone.

Significance – Apart from soothing your emotional pain, Scolecite develops the understanding to permit  the soul to channelise the awareness into the inner soul. This particular stone is evaluated as a high meditative stone which grants remarkable effect on the prayers. It will successfully make you ready to handle unavoidable problems. It  allows you to concentrate your inner mind on the constructive areas of your life. Scolecite will also bless you with farsightedness, where you will be able to perceive all negative energies and find a way to erase away those energies from your life and environment. This stone is also good for the individuals who met with accidents or injuries often.

 Density – 2.16 to 2.40

Species – Silicate mineral

Jewellery metal – Preferably silver but other metal can be accepted, as directed by an astrologer.

Wearing day –  Thursday

Caution- Do not expose your gem in heat. Always take it out when you are going out in the sun. Clean the stone when you feel it has accumulated dirt on it. Soak the gem oe  jewellery in a bowl with lukewarm water for half an hour and then clean it using a soft brush. You can use mild baby shampoo while cleaning the stone. Always consult an astrologer before using scolecite.

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