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Certified Serpentine Gemstone

Serpentine is a semiprecious soothing stone. Serpentine is a composition of hydrated magnesium silicate. It aids in meditation and also heals the crown chakra. It is found in red, green, brown-red, brown-yellow, and white in color. It has a mottled, dual appearance and can be water-worn and often polished. This stone is easily obtained from the jewelry shops. It opens new path to kundalini and enhances spiritual explosion. Serpentine has a hardness of 2.5 to 5.5 in the Moh’s scale. Serpentine is very useful in boosting the self-confidence. Serpentine beads are widely used in Jewelry industries and available with AstroKapoor online at wholesale prices.

Origin: Serpentine is found in Britain, Norway, Russia, Zimbabwe, Italy and United States.

Serpentine Uses

This semiprecious stone is used in the treatment of psychic inabilities. It opens the psychic abilities and helps to understand the spiritual basis of life. It opens new pathway to wisdom. It regains memory of the past lives. It is a stone of control, so it helps to develop self control to the wearer. It is an extremely detoxifying and cleansing stone.
Serpentine removes emotional imbalances and aids conscious direction of healing energy.

Why Serpentine Gemstone?

Serpentine is a semiprecious healing stone. All the semi-precious gems are safe to use. They are best and even cheaper than the precious gemstone.
Note: You cannot use precious gemstone without your proper birth chart. But, it is recommended to use semi precious gems, even if you don’t have a correct horoscope

Identifying Serpentine

You can identify serpentine by its smooth surface. It is available in red and green in color. Its surface is opaque and rarely semi transparent. It is found in natural form and not treated.

Light Green serpentine

It is also called as Infinite stone. It is tender with angelic guidance. It integrates past, present and future. This is an excellent stone, which promotes compassion. This heals imbalances from the past lives. If placed on the throat, it aids speaking of the past and resolves issues that are carried over into the present.

Serpentine Jewelry

It is not often used in jewelry making, as it lacks hardness, but very often it can be used in pendant, finger rings and brooches. Jewelry made of serpentine should be used with care and precaution. It should be kept properly in soft clothes and should be cleaned with plain water.

Serpentine for Career and Profession

It is a calming stone; it helps the students to succeed in the competitive exams. It is highly excellent for the professional to achieve remarkable growth in their career. It is helpful for teacher, lawyer, administrator, politician and people who are in the allied services.

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