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Snake Skin Jasper

Snake Skin Jasper

Snake Skin Jasper Meaning
Snakeskin jasper is a protective and a calming stone. It guards one against the negative impact of the body and helps to attain positive aura within the environment. It may be red or cream with a yellow tinge on its surface. The outer surface of the crystal has banded striations like snakeskin.
Snakeskin Jasper as an animal counterpart allows you to get rid of old pattern, habits and embrace change within self. It also boost self confidence and cleanse the environment when smudging. Snakeskin

Healing Properties
Like Jasper, it is also a “Supreme Nurture”. It is very effective in the treatment of digestive and problems of intestines. The healing properties of snakeskin jasper are to repair the damaged portion of the physical torso. On the mental ground it is jewel pebble that gives one an ability to think out of the box.
The enhanced skill of this tone helps to grow one in life and cultivates the capabilities to transform irrelevant thoughts into action.
Physically, Snakeskin Jasper is very effective in the treatment of gallbladder and kidney stones. Further it is also famous in balancing the mineral content of the carrier and compensate the loss of iron, zinc and manganese along with the sulphur. Jewel boulder provides vitality and strength to the physical stamina of the body.
Emotional Healing – It is very effective for removing the emotional torso of the carrier. It gives calming vitality in the torso and relives emotional difficulties. It helps the wearer to stay honest and give strength to face the difficult circumstances of life.

Metaphysical Properties
• Snakeskin Jasper boosts up the leadership qualities in a person.
• It teaches one to be assertive rather than belligerent.
• It brings strength in the life of the wearer and promotes self confidence
• It opens up the hidden zeal of the life and makes one creative.

Snakeskin Jasper Properties
• It is the product of iron ore and is taken out from the tree creek, a part of Western Australia.
• Snakeskin Jasper is found in the alternating layers of jaspetilite and hematite
• It got its name from the outer appearance that look like snakeskin.
• It is very effective for the people born under the Sun sign Aries.

Heals and Balances Chakra
Snakeskin jasper is effective in healing the chakra of the body. The beads of snakeskin jasper stabilize the torso of the body. It balances the yin yang energy of the body. The band on the surface of the crystal brings cheerfulness in the living aura.

Snakeskin Jasper Chemical Formula
It is composed of little amount of Sulphur, the chemical formula is Sio2

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