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Star Garnet

Star garnet

The Gem

Star Garnet has been regarded  as a stone that can eliminate primitive ways  of thinking. It has the power to convert old  thinking into fresh thinking helping a person to remain happy and updated.  Star Garnet would be beneficial to upgrade  your way of thought process  and your own course of action.. It is also convenient  for people who want to revive their life with fresh energy.. The term  garnet derives its name from the 14th‑century Middle English term gernet, which means ‘dark red’. It is also a derivation of the Latin word”granatus“, which means  granum (‘grain, seed’). Star garnet  gems are generally non-transparent and fathomless brownish-red or reddish-black. The Garnet gemstone assists the mental progress and development  as the users of this stone will be knowledgeable,dutiful, intelligent and full of enthusiasm.The Garnet stone eradicates the phobia of failure, expressing oneself, and uncertainty and make  a person capable of accomplishing the well desired goal in life , it helps its users to maintain  confidence and strength even during odd times of life. Granite gemstone will increase the connection  of a person with his body and mind by polishing the communication channels or the five senses.

Why should I wear?

Star garnet is the gemstone of movement and devotion. If your life is troubled  with uncertainties, confusion, you need this particular gemstone. Whether you’re plunged into cross examining  things in your love life, or your working life  is under stress because of  a lack of innovativeness, you need to bring back  confident energy to bring back life into a better situation and Star garnet helps in this to a very extent.This stone will help  you to overcome the fussy hesitation approach, and encourage you straight into the course of action  and resolving a problem when occurred. This particular stone  of the garnet family emits a positive vibe in every direction. That is the reason after  wearing a  Star Garnet Bracelet a person can experience soaked in positive force. 

It will combine  with your root chakra to direct you to move in the right direction. Therefore, if you feel that you are at a stage where you are feeling lost or not so confident about the  goal, it’s suggested  to wear a garnet stone either in a pendant or bracelet. In addition to bringing spirit, high force, and safeguard, garnet also assists in  building self-esteem and clears  one’s life purpose.

Benefits & Effect

Star Garnet has high healing qualities, it improves circulation of  blood  and volume of hemoglobin in the physical system. It decreases swelling and tenderness  and thus scope of hemorrhaging. Also, it heals  bone bruises  and supervises the working of lungs, spleen and heart. Garnet gemstone has  massive  power of attracting a positive vibe. Star Garnet, the modern  birthstone of the month of January is well known for possessing extraordinary metaphysical qualities. Most of the experts recognize garnet as a stone that empowers the soul and brings enlightenment . It is experienced  to bring energy  during the metabolism process and builds up the memory power. The color of the gemstone stands for virtue, sincerity , love and sympathy. It also stands for productive activities and brings aspirations to people.

Star Garnet is also good in treating poor condition of heart and regulates and strengthens the heart beats. It is also helpful in overcoming  depression and frees people from bad dreams.

Star Garnet stone is enormously  used as medicinal therapies as it brings eagerness, solidity, good health, and passion  in life. The  benefits of this stone also includes overcoming nightmares, curing  mental dejection, and treating sleep disorders.

Star Garnet is also well known for its strong  astrological qualities and is a segment  of the sacred  Navratna according to Vedic astrology. Garnet gemstone is well known to be beneficial for globetrotters  as it endows  its users with safe travels, courage, and expedition. In addition to support with wise decision-making qualities, Garnet stone also allows direct  focus, consciousness, and fulfilling devotions. The variety of Star Garnet gemstone is well known to revive sexual appetite, strength, energy, and fine  reproductive system.


Origin – USA, india

Birthstone month – January 

Ruling Planet – Uranus

Profession – Share market holders, film and television professionals, lottery sellers, staff of chemical laboratories, people who are working in cosmetic trade, globetrotters.

Significance – Star Garnet is a gem with a meaning and qualities of increasing innovativeness. It would rejuvenate  owner interest  and produce a new category of things. This gemstone is excellent when you want to demonstrate  your uniqueness. It would assist you to develop your expertise and enhance your self-possession . Because of its long  associations with the blood, heart, life force and inner fire, garnets have long been regarded as symbols of emotions.. Garnet symbolism also stands for  friendship. The Star Garnet stone also  stands for the secure  return of a near and dear or loved one. 

Colour – Red or reddish black and deep brownish.

Density – 3.56-3.73 g/cm3

Species – Calcium aluminum Silicate

Jewellery metal – Preferably silver

Wearing day – Wednesday and Saturday

Caution – Garnet jewellery is perfectly  cleaned with lukewarm water , warm  water and a tightly laced microfiber or any other  soft piece of cloth. Do not do steam cleaning. Take all your gems to a  professional jeweller or at an expert  least two times in a year for a thorough cleansing and examination to check if the stone is cracked from any side or not. Always purify the stone before wearing it. 

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