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Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Star Ruby Gemstone

Star Ruby is the most precious type of Ruby gemstone. Star Ruby is the asteriated types of ruby with mainly six gleaming rays, radiating outwards towards periphery from the center. When it’s dome side is exposed to sunlight or artificial light, all its rays glow with equal prominence. Start forms at the center or crown of the gemstone, however, when it is moved or tilted, the rays formed also shifts or glides smoothly towards the periphery.

Main Characteristics of Ruby:

Mineral GroupCorundum
Chemical CompositionAluminium oxide with chromium
Mohs Scale Hardness9.0
ColourVarying Red; Pinkish red, Purplish brown
General ClaritySemi-Transparent to Opaque

What Makes Star Ruby Valuable?

Star Rubies are considered to be the most valuable types of Ruby. The significant observable fact of star ruby is the development of the six rays giving rise to a gleaming star on the dome, arranged in perfect symmetry. When the stone is moved, it shifts its center and is distinctly visible under a single light source such as the sun or a lamp. In multiple light sources, multiple stars are seen, which is basically due to reflection. This effect is usually feeble in the transparent variety; in fact, it does not occur in complete transparency.

Asterism or Star-effect is due to the needle-like dense inclusions of tiny Rutile flakes. The star form is, therefore, due to the light reflecting from needle-like inclusions of Rutile or silk, as mentioned by many.  These inclusions are aligned perpendicular to the rays of the star. Rubies always consist of Rutile and therefore, due to their property Ruby never found in complete transparency.

The value of Star Ruby mainly depends on the prominence and brightness of the star,
and the intensity of gemstone colour. Although, Ruby is found generally in red colour, Star Ruby is mainly available in pinkish red, purplish-brown, purple in colour. In general Pinkish red ruby with a perfect and prominent star is considered as most valuable, since, in red verity perfect start is very rare, and of course most costlier.

Star Ruby Benefits

Star Ruby is beneficial for strengthening Root Chakra, thus empowering bone structure. It is used for energizing Third–eye Chakra to heal any disease related to the brain. It is also used for disease related to heart blockage, high blood pressure. This gemstone also enhances the internal strength and reduces tensions, bringing peace in mind. Star Ruby also for its healing property to eliminate stress-induced problems such as Migraine, Insomnia, and Hysteria, etc. Traditionally there was a belief that this stone protects from enemies, hence warrior use to wear the stone in the battlefields.

Sources of Star Ruby

Most of the rough Rubies are mined from Burma (Myanmar), and these are later cut into Star Ruby variety. Other than Burma, Rubies are also mined from India, Srilanka, Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, and United States, however, usually most common Star Rubies are mined from India and Africa.

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