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Striped Flint

Striped Flint

The Gemstone Striped Flint

Striped flint is an extraordinary gem, with a more or less equal level system of parallel dark and pale lines. It often has a polish external appearance. It is formed mainly as nodules and mounds in the sedimentary rocks for example in chalks and limestone. Striped Flint has the importance and features to reinstate the wearers’ energy. It is an expensive stone with a spectacular “energy of fire”. Flint, a gemstone, has immense  power and strength that leads the maximum highest blessed frequencies down into the physical world through its appropriate affirmation. It brings the level of the etheric body more united  into the ground of reality. This will affect, both, the recognition of the self and the actualization  of life force vitality. People who are dealing with unstable perceptions of real life  will be in a powerful position greatly from this stone, and also will strengthen the ability to get one’s focus  point back into the prevalent world.

Why should I wear

This stone has a very powerful energy. Flint makes its wearers fearless, enterprising and powerful. By using it people become active in nature and even lazy and slow people become more agile, healthy and capable and overcome all negative forces in life.  Since ancient days, flint has been considered as a promoter of travellers. It is observed that this particular gem protects people from nasty paths, shields against all possible hostility, and alerts against all deception  and cheating.

Experts and astrologers always propose keeping this particular gem in your pocket on the left side. The reason is its touch with the left side of the body upgrades the function of the heart, makes the organ powerful  and also makes its owner liberal and receptive.

Wearing flint stone as a necklace helps  a person have the courage to protect ]his opinion and strongly convinces people with his dialectics and opinion. It also assists him to make quick and accurate decisions.

Flint is a beautiful stone which develops an aesthetic sense. .It motivates a person to sharpen his intuitive power and foresee all the negative energy in advance



The gem stone striped flint is very helpful in increasing determination and resolution  in a person. After wearing this stone people experience positive interpretation and understand that difficulties are part  of our life, thus never compromising with his strong will power. He welcomes all the challenges and achieves goals or success in life. It supports people to rebuild their inner mind.

The stone flint also makes its users discipline by behaviour. It motivates a person how to plan a work, to understand the precedence in work and also the priority of completing his task in time. Its wearers can maintain  balance between personal and official work. The consequence of the stone also can be seen  when a person attains respect, glory with his sense of discipline, conscientiousness and dignity. They become famous in life.

This stone makes a person brave by nature. They can express their likes and dislikes without any hesitation and also stand against injustice towards others in the office. They are more pragmatic and understand the significance of having a strong bond with our natural world. Flint also increases one’s relation with others which  makes him centre of attraction in a crowd or meeting..

This stone is also experienced to have curing energy and treats ailments related to lungs and liver. It also heals  diseases like  lower respiratory problems,  ear infection and pleurisy. It also enhances the function of our anatomical system.

Its high energetic force boosts  the self confidence in a person. He understands his value in his earthly world, realizes the mission and contributes in the growth of mankind.



Origin –  Poland.

Birthstone month – August, October, November.

Ruling planet- Sun,Venus.

Profession – Doctor, teacher, minister doctor, politician, military.

Significance – Flint, also, has the capability to bring one’s intestinal  and planetary bodies into proper meaning with the physical world and the mindful self. In return, there will be an improvement in one’s psychic mind  and spiritual abilities to strengthen the clarity of all facts perceived by our senses.. This will help one to become more conscious in comprehending any information derived from senses of the cosmological body and also obtained by the mortal body. Flint encourages developing conscious  intellectual understanding  of indescribable spiritual truth.

Flint helps a person going through difficult times in life, and motivates him to have a positive attitude towards those hurdles.. It also increases  logical capacities of a person.

The spiritual feature of flint helps its wearers to develop their intuition or sixth sense, and this in return aid a person to perceive all the negative forces that may emerge as harmful.

Colour-  Sandy brown,Medium to dark gray, black and  reddish brown or an off-white grey.

Density – 2.6 g/cm3

Species – Quartz

Jewellery metal – Silver, gold preferably.

Wearing day –  Tuesday, Thursday.Saturday, Sunday.

Caution- Always remember to consult an expert before using another combination of stones along with a striped flint. Do not uncover it to heat, and preferably dissociate your stone from your body out while cooking. After washing the gemstone let it dry at everyday room temperature and then enfold it with soft cloth.

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