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Certified Sugilite Gemstone
Sugilite is one of the major love semiprecious Gemstone. Sugilite is a rare crystal of cyclosilicate material. A significant deposit of sugilite was found in the South Africa in the year 1979 in a manganese mine. This stone has attractive putrple color due to the presence of manganese. The most highly prized sugilite is dark in color. It can be identified by its distinctive dark pink or purple color. It represents the spiritual love and wisdom. Sugilite is found in purple and violet pink in color. It is opaque, lightly banded, translucent and found in all sizes. It is available in the specialist stores.
Sugilite is one of the strongest crystals to wear as a pendant and in jewelry. This stone solves the emotional problems and helps the wearer to balance high emotions. It is an excellent stone for balancing the spiritual awareness and also promotes good channeling in all walks of life. It also combines unconditional love with the tough love and releases the emotional disbalance. Sugillite is excellent in balancing the red blood cells and treats the carpel tunnel syndrome.This violet stone also increases flexibilty in the muscoskeletal system.
These purple crystals bring positivity in life and accelerate positive feelings that aids and release negative feelings.

Sources of Sugilite: It is found in Japan and South Africa.

Sugilite Gemology
Crystal structure – Hexagonal
Color – Pinkish to Violet
Cleavage – Indistinct
Transparency – Opaque to Transparent
Luster – Vitreous
Hardness- 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale

Sugilite properties
Sugilite teaches a person to live according to the truth. It increases self confidence and promotes well being. This purple stone helps to increase physical stamina. It is a gem of motivation. It helps to increase self motivation in the life of the wearer. Sugilite deals with the issues of servitue from past. It is excellent for the person who instantly fall into saviour. It shows how to assists and stand in the difficult situation of life. It amplifies the energy of the crystals and facilitates their transfer.
This loving stone protects the soul from shocks, trauma and disappointment. It aids forgiveness and eliminate hostility.
It heals third eye and crown chakra.

Sugilite healing properties
Sugilite bead is effective in pain relief. It has enormous amount of manganese which clears headache and discomfort at all levels. It also treats epilepsy and motor disturbances. It brings the nerves and the brain into proper alignment. Light colored Sugilite bead purifies lymph and heals blood circulation.

Sugilite in Medical Astrology
As, this violet beads has a calming properties, it is efficient in the treatment of blood related disorders. It treats the blood related disorders. This stone acts at all the physical levels of the body. Sugilite releases bodu odor as it contains enormous amount of managnese. It also treats bone and teeth disorders. This violet stone releases headache, especially migraine and slows blood clotting. It speeds up the fast metabolism and disperses cholestrol also. Sugilite bead is very effcetive in prevention of the heart disease.
Sugillite stone is effective in the treatment of low blood pressure and lack of RBC in the blood.

Why Semi precious gemstone Sugilite?
Semi precious gemstone Sugilite has cosmic vibrations similar to all kind of purple gemstones. It function same as the Amethyst. Although, it is a crystal bead, it can help the wearer to get benefit in the same way as Amethyst and the Purple Sapphire.

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