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The Gemstone Uvarovite

The stone Uvarovite is a chromium based ‘Garnet’ family. It was found  in 1832 by Germain person Henri Hess  who termed the particular stone after a Russian statesman and laymen mineral collector. Uvarovite builds up the heart and other vital organs, as well as giving relief from  plant allergies and sexual malfunction. It also helps in cleaning our body from inside  and has an anesthetic effect. It also develops  a sense of self-esteem and strengthens its wearer emotionally and also helps in mending  emotional trauma  caused by a sense of scarcity. The meaning of Uvarovite stands for “Unpredicted good luck” which can fetch  progress  and wealth to an area where your deficiency lies. The uvarovite is often recognized as the gem of prosperity.This not just limits itself  to material proficiency , but also profuseness of harmony , love, and affirmation. It will also aid  in enhancing  the emotional bond that you already are experiencing in life, as well as in the existing  relationships that you possess.

Why should I wear

This particular stone flickers the Kundalini, which increases the scope  to supervise between myths and reality.It acts as a connection in increasing divine  relationships and by making divinity as the ardore of life. Uvarovite assists  one in realizing  the comprehensive nature of  a person and its soul.

It  cures the feeling of the scarcity  of components which may be worldly and not sufficient  in all its facets, but the users  of this stone will perceive  the truth of daily living  and help  the heart to accept  that this cosmos  provides enough what is necessary without any protest  and request.

This stone also helps us to  submit  ourselves to the Cosmos thus leading  to a sense of harmony and contentment , sensing relief  from the trauma  of struggle and remaining happy with whatever we are blessed with.

This stone is also recognized as a peaceful and restful stone, which assists  in realizing seclusion without feeling lonely. It also assists  us to understand the limitless character  of the soul and takes care of the protesting nature, lack and inadequacy in many areas of life. This particular stone  also helps us to give up the negative perspectives, as well as find the solutions  to any dispute..

Moreover, this stone will  also make your heart strong enough to accept the realities of life.


Uvarovite Garnet is an amazing gem for people who underestimate themselves or have low self-esteem. It eliminates the feeling of self-identity, the stone motivates  such people to value themselves.

Anyone who senses a lack of emotion,love, care and he can  find a feeling of care  and security by wearing an Uvarovite Garnet. It also aids in healing  the emotional injury that crops up due to lack of care, love and support.  Uvarovite Garnet eradicates and also cures such emotional injury and restores  the negative feelings with happiness and contentment.

 Those who live their life  all alone often suffer from a depressed feeling of loneliness.. By wearing Uvarovite Garnet such people can get rid of their feeling of loneliness  as this  stone motivates them to think and act  in a positive way and gives a sense of protection.

Use Uvarovite Garnet if you sense  that you are not being paid appropriately, according to  your talent and skills. The particular stone  will help to get prosperity and wealth  as per your own talent and expertise.

you can make your heart strong as this stone is well known  to bring enormous strength to the heart. It is also a sufficient choice when it comes to curing  allergies and reactions related to vegetation. By using Uvarovite Garnet, one can also clean his/her body in a correct way. Uvarovite Garnet also provides power and fitness to many physical organs including liver, heart bladder, and pancreas.

It will also enhance self-esteem, as well as eliminate the feelings of poverty,and also assists in making you feel that you possess what you require  all the time, especially when you really need it.


Origin – In the Ural mountain – Russia

Birthstone month – April, May

Ruling Planet -Uranus

Profession – Doctor, writer, artist, teachers, stage performer, and others suggested by astrologers.


Uvarovite functions affluently  with the heart chakra and for restoring Kundalini. It filters your heart and allows you to opt the path of affection and filtration with self-satisfaction. It also  endows serene and compassionate vibes in the heart; the green colour stone regulates the heart in the most effective way. The sense of Impossible turns  into it is Possible to do  and I can do it. The positive power present in Uvarovite is most appropriate  for heart chakra and in that sense, using this stone contributes positivity in the wearer’s heart. This gem also restores a strong connection  between the soul and the heart. The positive impact of this beautiful gem can also be seen  in the Kundalini. This particular stone also  helps in embracing life’s changes in a comfortable manner. In addition, uvarovite will also assist  in accomplishing  an understanding regarding  the path of the soul, as well as the way you are linked to the general love force.

Colour –  Green

Density – 3.78 gm/cc

Species – calcium chromium silicate

Jewellery metal – Silver

Wearing day – saturday

Caution: Clean Uvarovite stone regularly with lukewarm water. Keep the stone soak in the water for 15 minutes and then wipe it comfortably with soft cloth. Do not expose it to heat or fire. Always purify the stone before wearing it.

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