Ruby - The Gem of Sun

Ruby – The Gem of Sun

Ruby gemstone is also called as ‘Manik’ in Hindi. It is well known in Vedic astrology for propelling the good effects of the Sun. The Sun is the king of all the nine planets and if it is well-placed in the horoscope it gives good wealth, happiness, name and fame. By wearing Ruby or Manik stone, you could get pure good vibrations of the Sun. But before buying a Ruby stone, you should know the benefits of wearing a Ruby stone. Get Gemstone Recommendation

  1. Ruby gemstone is very good for healing the blood-related disorders. It also improves the circulatory system and heals all organs of the body but especially the heart.
  2. Wearing Ruby stone helps to win over the enemies.
  3. Ruby is actually a composition of mineral Corundum and the red colour is due to a little amount of copper in it. Wearing this stone helps to get relief from the court cases.
  4. It helps to boost confidence and also promotes well-being in life. It removes unwanted fear from life.
  5. Ruby gemstone can help you to get an alert for any unwanted mishaps in life.
  6. Students who are preparing for competitive examinations can get good success after wearing Ruby stone.
  7. Those who are in the area of administration, teaching, politician, judge, advocate and supervisor can wear Ruby stone for success in life.
  8. This is a very lucky gemstone for the politician. You may find this stone on the fingers of more than 50 percent of politicians.
  9. If the position of your Sun is not in a benefic house but the role of Sun in your horoscope is positive, then it is advised to wear Ruby because the ill placement of Sun may make it weak for giving a good result.
  10.  Ruby should be worn either in gold or in bronze.

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