Ruby Gemstone Information

Ruby Gemstone Information

The Ruby(Manikya) is the gemstone of Sun. It is pink in colour to blood red in color. It has a combination of mineral corundum and chromium. It has a hardness of 9.0 on the Moh’s scale. All natural rubies have imperfection in them. The red color is due to the presence of mineral corundum. The price of them is determined by the quality of the color, the darker “red” in color, the more valuable it is considered. The cut of the Ruby makes it more valuable and expensive. Cut and Carat are important to determine price of this precious gemstone. This gemstone is the king of gem.

Ruby(Manikya) is hot in appearance and releases hot waves in the form of red cosmic rays. It cures the disease that arises from cold. In nature, Ruby(Manik) rays have power over moisture. They dry up leaves of plants and trees. The red color of the Ruby is connected with the sun which represents south in the human body. It can be worn to enhance qualities of the Sun in a horoscope. It has a special rulership over the whole bone system on which, a power of whole body rests. Ruby(Manikya) is considered one of the four precious gemstones.

Astrologically Ruby gemstone represents Sun. It can increase the beneficial effect of the Sun. It can bring power and wisdom in a person. Wearing the Ruby gem bring brings prosperity and improves health. It is a protective gem and brings good and excellent health to the wearer. Originally it is known to increase creativity, wisdom and love. It increases wisdom.

According to Ayurveda, the ash of Ruby gem prolongs life, ameliorates disorders arising out of the malfunctioning of the three vital elements of air, fire and water. It cures disease such as consumption, pains, colics, boils, ulcers, eye trouble and sensation of heat. It increases blood circulation and helps to cure circulatory disorders.

Benefits of Ruby gemstone
Ruby can be used by doctors, engineers, lawyers, goldsmith, mineralogist, dramatist, artist, a government servant, politician, diplomats, stockbroker and youth.

It enhances the positive effect of sun.
It is very good to enhance Sun in your horoscope.
It has a powerful effect on the person with powerful Sun.
Creative people looking for fame and good health can wear Ruby.
It increases manhood and nobility in male, power and passion in a female.
This gem decreases depression. It increases blood circulation.

Ruby gem can be used by a person to increases the positive effect of the planet Sun. It can be used if you have malefic sun in your chart, or benefic sun in your chart.



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