Significance of Sri Yantra

Significance of Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra is a circuit showing chakras of the body. The presence of each chakra of the yantra is a symbol of chakra of the human body. The chakras in the body represent superimposition of 4 triangles and 5 triangles in an upward position and downward position respectively. These formation of interlocking of upward and downward triangle lead to the formation of 43 smaller triangles in the Sri Yantra. The downward pointing triangle of Sri Yantra denotes a way of representing Shakti which is the female principle. On the other hand, the triangles pointing upwards are representing Shiva, male principle.

It is believed that yantra is a place that fills an infinite power of Goddess. The specific geometric form of the Goddess is presented in the yantra in the form of geometric presentation. It is worshipped in 2D form as well as 2D form. Yogi keeps the Sri Yantra with themselves and treat it as a place of pilgrimage. The spiritual journey that takes place via Sri Yantra enlightened the path of life. The seeker who seeks for enlightenment can get the same from outer rectangle to moving towards the centre point which is believed to be middle point of universe. It is the point where one will have the golden opportunity of merging with absolute consciousness.

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