Unakite Gemstone Information

Unakite Gemstone Information

Unakite Meaning: Unakite is a gemstone of vision. Unakite is green to pink in color. It has a mottled surface, often tumbled. It is easily obtained. Unakite is found in United States, and South Africa.
Unakite is also called as an”epidote”, derived from the Greek word, epidosis. Epidosis means growing together. It is particularly a combination of red jasper and green epidote, bonded together. It is a gemstone which lifts off the negative energy from the body of the wearer. It balances the emotions if placed on the third eye chakra. This stone provides prophetic vision and is very useful for meditation and psychic work.This stone has a very useful feature of removing excess expense. If placed in the wealth corner of the house, it can help to retain money. It has
a very strong connection with the Heart Chakra. This gemstone helps the wearer to see beauty in life. It gives s a confident control to the wearer. It increases self-esteem and self-sufficiency in the wearer.

Unakite Benefit
It is a powerful casting crystal for scrying. It signifies integration and combination due to the combination of two minerals. Tumbled stone if kept in a bag helps to ward off the negative energy surrounding you.
If placed in a large bowl, Unakite brings calm gentle vibrations. It facilitates rebirth, brings light and integrates insights from the past. It gently releases the negative vibrations and enhances the psychological growth. It is a very helpful stone for the past life healing. It reaches the root cause of the disease and wards off the cause of the disease.
This stone is beneficial to bring clear thinking and helps to regain sound sleep to the person. If placed under the pillow, it brings peaceful sleep and untroubled mind.

Unakite is supportive in convalescence and depression. It treats infertility and the reproductive system. It stimulates weight gain and aids healthy pregnancy. It is very useful for the growth of hair and tissue.
It removes gout, arthritis, gastric ulcers, over acidity and other allied conditions. It is very good for male impotence and relieves cramps.

Career and Profession
Unakite is highly beneficial for the person who is in the profession of education and administration. Due to its brilliant green colour, it can propel the negative effect of the Mercury, which related to intelligence and wisdom. Its pink color helps to regain stamina and energy for the students who are preparing for the competitive examination.
It is useful for the professionals of management, teaching, administration, scientist, doctor, students, artist, and dancer. This stone is very beneficial for the people who are in the business of greenery as agriculture. If you are in the business, which relates to green and pink color, then it can bring immense gain in your business.

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