Vajra Yoga In Astrology

Vajra Yoga In Astrology

Vajra Yoga In Astrology is when all the benefic planets are present in the first and the seventh house and all the malefic planets are in 4th and 10th house then vajra yoga is formed.

1st house stands for the outlook regarding life and me, general nature of the individual.

4th house stands for vehicles, mother and family happiness.

7th house stands for partner, spouse and partnership business.

10th house stands for professional life.

As far as results are concerned we can assume general nature of the individual.

One will be lovable and quite optimistic.

One may get success in partnership business.

Married life will be quite good.

At the same time:-

There will be difficulty in making house and acquiring vehicle.

Family happiness will be on and off.

There can be disturbance due to the mother’s health.

Professional life will go through a difficult phase.

Strength of this yoga:- The strength of Vajra Yoga in astrology denotes that malefic planet aspect 1st and 7th house and then the good effects may be reduced while if stronger benefic planet aspect 4th and 10th house, then malefic effects will be reduced to some extent. It is best to analyse your horoscope for Vajra Yoga.

Manifestation of yoga:-

As far as the results of Vajra Yogas In Astrology are concerned, it will be particularly visible when 1st and 7th or 4th and 10th house lords dasa –antardasa comes in your life. Effects are also analysed when these house lords come to their original; sign in transits.

It is possible that Vajra Yoga may be present in the horoscope but imparting exact result to the native may be difficult.  To attain complete benefit of Vajra Yoga, you have to follow certain discipline in life. What I want to say is to cultivate honesty and purity as your pillars of life.

It is not possible for the common man to depict Vajra Yoga in the horoscope. For a proper analysis of Vajra Yoga, please consult an expert Astrologer. It will help you to get correct Gemstone recommendation and remedies according to the Vajra Yoga in your horoscope. Sometimes, this Yoga is strong while sometime this Yoga is weak, so it is essential to know the strength of this Yoga.



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