Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha Result

Venus Mahadasha

Venus Mahadasha is glorious. Venus is supposed by many to give always pleasant result but it is not so. This view is rather erroneous. Whether Venus, Saturn or any other planet, the nature of the results always depends upon the natural and temporal dignities or afflictions to which the planets are subject to in the horoscope. No planet can ever produce either good, unmixed with evil or only evils unmixed with good. Venus Mahadasha leaves great impact in a person’s life. Venus Mahadasha fulfills one desire and also helps to achieve luxuries of life.Venus Mahadasha gives both good and bad results.

Venus in Taurus – A life of ease and indulgence, travels to foreign lands, company of beautiful girls, ambition of material life fairly realized, symptoms of veneral troubles, access to lands, houses and conveyances, period of extreme passion. Venus Mahadasha gives excellent results to this ascendant.

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Venus in Libra – Royal patronage, reputation, gain of wealth, period of extreme passion.

Exalted: is lost in revelry, get riches.

Debilitated: Agitated, frustrated, family put to distress.

In friendly house: Debacherous life, does good to others, cultivate fine arts.

In enemy’s house: Sickly, bad for the health of wife and children.

Venus in 1st house – Bodily happiness, increases of reputation.

Venus in 2nd house – Spends and earn well, everyone respects the subject.

Venus in 3rd house – Prosperity to brothers and to native.

Venus in 4th house – Gains, happiness, lands, vehicles, worships and otherwise happy.

Venus in 5th house – Gets fame, honors, gold, lands and children.

Venus in 6th house – Sickly, trouble from enemies, misunderstandings.

Venus in 7th house – Good gains, family happiness.

Venus in 8th house – Veneral troubles, unnecessary travels.

Venus in 9th house – Makes superiors happy and derives benefit from them.

Venus in 10th house – Gets fortune, honors and education, fame, money and new friends.

Venus in 11th house – Happy in children, wealth and prosperity.

Venus in 12th house – Is dispossessed, suffers and goes to foreign lands.

The above results are of general character and they should be adapted in a careful manner that peculiarities obtaining in horoscopes under consideration are under no circumstances omitted or overlooked. The periodic influence, stated above, will serve as an outline and the reader after consulting the horoscope will be in the best position to determine the nature of influence which will guide the period.



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