saturn and venus combination

Venus and Saturn Compatibility in a Horoscope

Venus and Saturn Combination In a Horoscope may bring lot of happiness or certain delays and difficulties in life. Venus is the planet of love and relationship and Saturn is known for its slow moving nature and delays in work. If the position of Venus and Saturn is good in a horoscope, then it can help a lot to achieve desired goal in life. Actually for enhancement of luck they should not be placed together. But sometimes there are certain combinations which can eventually help us to decide whether the conjoint is benefic or malefic.

Benefic – The native will gain reputation for his honesty and sincerity, for his steadiness and perseverance. This is a fortunate aspect which gives independent earnings by virtue of sterling qualities. There will be gradual promotion in career and native will be capable of holding any responsible post in which trustworthiness and honesty will be the chief assets. His investments will be sound, and he may observe economy. This aspect also favors one marriage, and happiness.

Adverse, Conjn., and Parallel – The native often brings discredit to his reputation and even to his profession by his lose morale. He cannot control his passions and gets many social and domestic worries. Due to suspicious nature, he may often be at variance with other people. There may be a separation or estrangement from his wife or the wife may prematurely die.

When good by Placement – The native will form permanent friendships and will increases his reputation. If unmarried, he will marry with a nice person. He may get benefit by way of investments, and if in service, he gets promotion and more stability and solidarity in his occupation than before. Honours and titles may likely be conferred upon. Students may pass through the ordeal of examination successfully, especially those that are technical.

When bad by Placement – The native may have loose morale and may suffer from financial losses. There may be some domestic worries due to separation or disappointments, and ill-health may be experienced by the person.

This is just general discussion of the placement of Saturn and Venus in a horoscope. The placement of these two planets in a horoscope solely depends on the ascendant lord and the moon sign of the person. If the placement of Saturn and Venus is in the water sign, then it is sure that they are not going to give good results as far as desired. But the placement in any other sign can also be beneficial enough. There are various combinations which are studied to draw the inference of a particular planet. If you are keen to know the result of these two planets in your horoscope, then it would be better to consult take astrological consultation for complete analysis of these two planets.



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