Zircon Gemstone Facts

Zircon Gemstone Facts

Zircon Gemstone Facts

Zircon is a little-known and often misunderstood stone. Many people are not aware of this gemstone today but zircon gemstone is highly valued and coveted throughout history for its natural and sparkling feature. It is a beautiful gemstone next to diamond. It is the oldest mineral found on the earth and with some of the crystal found in Australia some 4.4 billion years old!

Zircon gemstone ahs beautiful similarities with diamond and was the first natural diamond stimulant. This is the only gemstone that even comes close to imitating the appearance of a diamond. But there is a myth too, some people compare zircon to cheaper cubic zirconia, which has given its bad reputation.

What is zircon?

Zircon is a natural gemstone mainly composed of zircon silicate and is found in number of regions around the world including Sri Lanka, USA, Cambodia and South Africa. It has been widely used in jewelry for centuries and particularly used as a diamond stimulant.

The word zircon comes from the Persian word ‘zargun’ meaning ‘gold-colored’. We can find zircon in a range of colors, caused by various impurities that are present during the formation of the stone. Sometimes zircon contains traces of uranium, and can be slightly radioactive. In such cases, the zircon undergoes treatments for enabling them for jewelry use. However, don’t fear to use this to your jewelry collection because the minute amount of radioactivity found in zircon jewelry pose no health risk for humans. Zircon has a very high sparkle, dispersion and refraction of colours. In other words, it plays an excellent combination with light, making it a brilliant and fiery stone.

Choosing zircon clarity

Zircon generally has very high levels of clarity. Mostly zircon is an eye clean stone. However, it comes under the variety of natural gemstone with small and slight impurities and flaws that are very common, and often visible via magnification.

Zircon pendant

Most zircon gemstones are transparent or translucent, posses a vitreous luster. Sometimes zircon is treated to enhance the color and its transparency.

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