Beauty and Health Astrology Report

Beauty and Health Astrology Report

“Health is wealth “is a very well known and a mandatory saying in all the sciences of this world (A famous quote of an English dictum) Health is essential for a well being of a person. Where there is health there is everything that a person can adore in his/her life ….it seems to be like a part that is essential to maintain for the well being of an individual. An astrological science beholds a very important aspect to solve a person’s health-related problem for his well being. Medical Astrology/Vedic Jyotish is given most importance here. Medical astrology posits the association of each sign of the zodiac with parts of the body, mentioned by MARCUS MANILLUS (1st century –AD) in his poem. The branch Medical Astrology especially deals with the human body, disease and health according to the horoscope of an individual and prescribes the most effective way for the well being of a concerned person. Without good health, marriage, and progeny, good fortune of a person can never be built.

When natal health issues are seen the first step is to analyse the ascendant that is the 1st house. The 1st house represents the body as a whole, therefore the strength of the 1st house is the main key that makes a person healthy and to overcome disease. Each of the astrological signs (along with the sun, moon and planets) are associated with different parts of the human body. The association of Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered detrimental.

Signs of Zodiac in relation to body parts

Aries – Head, face, brain, eyes
Taurus – Throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
Gemini – Arms, lungs, shoulders, brain
Cancer – Chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
Leo – Heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
Virgo – Digestive system, intestines spleen
Libra – Kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
Scorpio – Reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
Sagittarius – Hips, thighs, sciatic nerve
Capricorn – Knees, joints, skeletal system
Aquarius – Ankles, calves, circulatory system
Pisces – Feet, toes, lymphatic system.

Planets responsible for various diseases in a person:

Jupiter-Asthma, lung disease.
Sun-Irregular heartbeat, blood pressure, loss of sensation.
Moon-Heart problem, epilepsy, eye ailment, restlessness.
Mars (malefic)-Disease of stomach and intestine, ulcer, diarrhea and liver trouble.
Venus-Skin disease, eczema, ringworm and boil.
Mercury- Small pox, insensitive to smell, ailment of teeth and veins.
Saturn- Eye ailments, cough, asthma.
Rahu-Fever, brain disease, plague, accidents, sudden loss.
Ketu- Arthritis, venereal disease, boil, cancer, urinary problem, spinal cord, hernia, sciatica, early ejection of semen.

Healing of health problems is it possible?

Yes! Astrology can cure a person by three main therapies

• Traditional remedies
• Gems therapy
• Colour therapy
• Holistic Healing

Traditional Remedies-Traditional therapies include Yagya, Tula Daan, puja, chanting mantra and ethical remedies from Ganesha’s, Ravana’s, Prashar’s Bhrigu and Lal Kitaab.

Colour Therapy-Colour is the most fundamental building block of all living things. Just as all visible lights are comprised of seven colours of the rainbow, so is the life force that drives, sustains and nourishes everything that lives. In Hindu Shastra, it is believed that each body has seven chakras which have colours attached to it. The seven chakras are root chakra that is red; naval which is orange; solar plexus which is yellow; the heart which is green and pink; throat which is blue; brow which is indigo, and crown which is violet.

In Colour Therapy, an astrologer finds out the suffered part of the body of an individual from Natal chart and accordingly prescribed remedy. For example, if a person is suffering from heart trouble he will be suggested to wear more pink coloured clothes and also to wear red Burmese ruby.

Gem Therapy-Certain special gemstones can help in correcting colour ray disparities and heal in a very genuine and remarkable way. Gemstones aid in the healing process and make excellent healing tools because they concentrate and strengthen the vibrational energy. Crystals or gemstones interact with the electromagnetic fields of our body. Many gemstones have been used throughout history (over 7000 yr) for the healing qualities. Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance. They work through resonance and vibration. Some crystals contain minerals that are known for their therapeutic -properties; copper, for instance, reduces swelling and inflammation.

Holistic Healing-Crystals heal holistically. That is to say, they work on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. They realign subtle energies and dissolve disease, getting to the root cause. Crystals work through vibrations, rebalancing the biomagnetic sheath that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and activating linkage points to the chakras that regulate the body’s vibrational stasis.

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