Benefits of Ruby - Manik

Benefits of Ruby – Manik

Ruby-Manik is a member of the mineral family of Corundum. Pure corundum is very clear and transparent in appearance. Pure Ruby gemstone is composed of mineral Corundum and Aluminum impurities, which gives wonderful red colour to this stone. Ruby is the most valuable gem of the Corundum family. It is fine and transparent in appearance. The highest quality Ruby mostly comes from Burma. It can be valuable and costly as diamond.
Ruby is very closely related to Sapphire, as both belong to the Corundum family. But Ruby is softer than the Sapphire, which is strange as both are made of the same minerals.

Source: Ruby mostly comes from the Mogok region in Burma. It is also found in India, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Russia, Kenya, Mexico, Afghanistan and USA.

Treatment of Ruby-Manik Gemstone
Treatment on Ruby is carried out for colour enhancement. It is done to improve colour, transparency, and quality to fetch a better price in the market.
More than 90% of Rubies found in the market are treated. It is very essential to know if the gemstone is treated or not. Before buying this gemstone, make it clear that it is natural and untreated. Astrokapoor provides natural, untreated Ruby gemstone.

Professional Benefit of Ruby
People belonging to several professions can benefit from this red stone. This stone ensures success in the politics and public administration. People who are in the profession of engineering and connected to electricity, newspaper, printing, publishing, research, medicines etc and those in the medical field related to medicines, physiology, medical research, and surgery get benefits by wearing this stone. People who want more fame and popularity can also wear this gem.

Astrological Benefit of Ruby/Manik
Ruby is the stone of Lord Sun. The Sun symbolizes the father, courage, power, boldness, self-confidence, generosity, dignity and kind-hearted. A person who has well placed Sun in the birth chart will be highly optimistic.
But, if the Sun is afflicted by the hostile planet, then it makes a person pessimistic, defects in the eye and low concentration. If one’s Sun is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu, then financial stability will be very hard to achieve. Afflicted Sun causes a lot of ups and downs in the life of the wearer.
Weak Sun can create several health problems like irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and cardiac problems.
Wearing Ruby helps to gain confidence and leadership qualities. This stone is good to get success in the higher competitive examination.

Ruby Month Birthstone
Ruby-Manik is the lucky gem for the people born in the month of July. It is also called as July Birthstone.

Lucky Gem Ruby
Ruby is the lucky gem for the person born under no 1. The Sun rules this number. People who are born on 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month are governed by this number.

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