Planets that rules your Moon

Planets that rules your Moon

The planet that rules the where your Moon is located in the birth chart is one of the most important planets as it governs the direction and the flow of thoughts and emotions.

The sign of the placement of the Moon gives important clues about the mental configuration. But the planet that rules this sign also helps us to understand how we experience the world around us because this planet controls our emotions and thoughts.

If this planet is exalted or placed well in the chart we will have positive thoughts and auspicious one, and it will lead us to the right actions. But if it planet is debilitated or placed negatively then it can cause a lot of trouble because it brings negativity and doubts into our thinking. It also influences us to find faults based on the significations of that planet. It does not allow you to keep things simple and enjoy your life.

Example Moon in Taurus is considered one of the best positions for the Moon as Moon is exalted in Taurus. But if Venus the ruler of Taurus goes into the sign of Virgo, it is debilitated then the positives of Taurus Moon will become hard to manifest because of the debilitated Venus. The houses ruled by Venus and the natural significations of Venus may get negative.

So at this time it is important to remedy Venus.

If your Moon is ruled by the Sun – You are enterprising, royal and creative. On the negative side it may also be egotistical in nature.

If your moon is ruled by Mars – You may feel mentally strong but you may also experience aggressiveness. The urge to execute plans without proper thinking can also happen.

If your Moon is ruled by Mercury it may give your business oriented thoughts. It will also help you to make you light hearted and jovial.

If your Moon is ruled by Jupiter you may possess thoughts that are noble and optimistic. It will also lead you towards wisdom and knowledge.

If your Moon is ruled by Saturn you may experience gloomy and melancholic thoughts.

If your Moon is ruled by Venus, it makes you artistic and creative.  It makes you very compassionate and loving.

If your Moon is ruled by Rahu it gives a lot of thoughts which may pull you down in multiple directions and drain your energy.

If your moon is ruled by Ketu you may feel lack of interest in the material world and it could also lead you to dispassion.

What if Moon itself is the ruler of your Moon sign, in the case of Cancer. In this case the strongest of the Moon’s nakshatra lord, Navamasha lord of the Moon is placed and Venus becomes the planet that directs the nature of your thoughts.

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