Vastu Shastra Tips For Office

Vastu Shastra Tips For Office

Vastu Shastra is a science which is followed by lot of people when there is an issue of construction of house, offices, hospitals and any other place of work and habitat. Vastu Shastra is one of the best ways by which it can be ensured that whether there will be light flow of positivity and prosperity into their lives.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science and it carries lot of credibility and value. If you follow Vastu tips for your office, you will certainly be able to enhance your financial luck. Vastu Shastra was previously used in architecture in ancient India. It was used to construct houses according to the Shastra for luck and prosperity. There are numerous Vastu Shastra experts who have said that the principles of doctrine should be followed from the basic construction itself, means the pillar of the house. If you follow Vastu principles then you can use the vastu tips for your office also along with the basic constriction.

Tips for best Vastu for office
Obstacle Proof – Business and work should be free from any distraction band unending opportunities. In order to attract opportunities and luck, make ensure that there are no obstacles in your office.
Reception location – If you are in a business, then make sure that the reception of our business is located in the north-eastern part of the office. Receptionist should face the north eastern direction while talking to the clients.
Center should be empty – The center of the office or work space should be empty and clear from any hassle. If you are working in a cubicle, you have to make do by drawing a circle at the center of the work station.
Use water power – Flowing water is beneficial in the work area. Use some water bodies as a part of vastu in your office. The water bodies should be kept in the northern or eastern corners of the office. If possible keep an aquarium in the office. Fish in the water is beneficial according to the office. Keep 1 blackfish and 9 gold fish.
Marketing department – Marketing department should be in the north western part of the office.
Accounts department – Accounts department perform well if placed in the south eastern part of the office.
Avoid beams in the office – Try to avoid any beams during the construction of the office. Beams are very bad for the people working in the office.
Correct desk – People who are involved in the distribution in the business or the owner should have rectangular table. Other people can choose table according to their need.
Toilets – Toilets should be located in the southwest or the north eastern part of the office.
Important documents should be kept together – Try to keep all the important papers in one single space. This brings tidiness and concentration is balanced.
Picture of God – Keeping picture of God according to your belief will improve Vastu Shastra at your office.
Using right colours – Vastu Shastra recommends that you use the right colors at your workplace like blue, grey and white.
Employee placement – After the appointment, doesn’t sit idle that you have appointed the best employee. According to Vastu Shastra to make them perform well make them sit towards the western region to promote certain amount of intelligence.
Apart from the above tips there are lots of other tips also which you can follow for the development of your office and business. Ensure that you follow the right procedure to avoid bad influence. Vastu Shastra is very beneficial for healthy life and brings positive energy in the life.



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