Virgo Zodiac Characteristics

Virgo Zodiac Characteristics

Virgo Characteristics

Virgo people are ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of intelligence and wisdom, so Virgo’ are intelligent, independent and curious people. Virgo’s are independent so they are often mistaken as selfish. Sometimes these tendencies can create misunderstandings. Virgo’s have an extremely intellectual mind. They are attracted towards the intelligent and the intellectual people. They are conservative in their approach and never share their personal life with others. They like to work in a systematic way and prefer cleanliness. They can handle any business venture very well due to their excellent ability to analyze.

Virgo Male Characteristics

A Virgo male is extremely practical. A Virgo male is gentle, helpful and sympathetic. He is practical and makes a point to analyze every situation with care and attention. A Virgo male is punctual and expects the same from the others. He has a rational outlook and very reliable in his personal and professional life. In the relationship, he is realistic and practical. A Virgo man is sometimes critical and harsh in actions.

Virgo Female Characteristics

A Virgo female is a perfect combination of beauty with brains. A Virgo woman is very efficient and organized. She is extremely good in matters of finance. She is attached to reality and prefers to live in the practical world. She is sensitive and her feelings are pretty fragile. Her taste is good with developed intellect. She is completely devoted and loyal in a relationship.

Virgo Birthstone
Peridot, Sardonyx, and Sapphires are the gemstones for Virgo’s. Peridot is olivine green generally occurring in one color only. It gives soothing and cleansing effect to the person wearing it. Sardonyx is the variant of Onyx and it signifies vigor and romance among other things. Sapphire is present in many colors but Blue sapphire is mainly used as a birthstone.

Virgo Strengths
They are perfect by nature so called as perfectionists. Virgo’s are confident, determined and practical in approach. They are sincere in everything they do and they are emotionally strong and dependable. They are intelligent; they have a solution to every problem. They are extremely good at making decisions in life.

Virgo Weaknesses
Virgo’s have a very conservative approach towards life. They simply do not accept change and they want to be in their own space. They are sometimes restless. Virgo’s can take bad decisions related to the heart. They are fussy over small things and sometimes overcritical.

Virgo Personality Characteristics
Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is ruled by the intelligence so people falling under this category are intelligent and posse’s analytical mind. As this is a mutable sign, so people under this sign possess an excellent communication skill. Virgo is ruled by the element Earth, people are hardworking posses down to earth nature.

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