About Sunsign

Virgo ( 23 August – 23 September ) Virgo Zodiac is a sign of virginity which shows purity. This is a very independent sign. Virgo fully put their intelligence to get best in their life. But due to their narrow-mindedness, their creativity suffers sometimes. Virgo may not be totally extrovert, but they are fully capable to make their social group. Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury which denotes language and the way you express them. Mercury is also about the intellectual discrimination, which helps to shift the good to bad. This is the key planet of intellectual thought and helps to take judgmental decision regarding every bit of information which enters the mind.

Virgo sometimes may dwell the past too much which can make them confused sometimes. People look to Virgo’s thinker because they are straight thinker and can solve the problems logically. Some people may find them cold and detached because they live in their own thoughts. It is better to keep yourself emotionally away from Virgo, unless and until they open up to you first. Be patient with the Virgo friend as they love patience. Virgos are very good at problem solving ability. They are rational thinkers and put each part of the problems into several pieces before solving them. They are rational thinkers. They have an excellent and a highly analytical mind, this makes them good investigators and researchers.

The most prominent trait of a Virgo is modesty, reliable, practical, analytical, intelligent, and meticulous. The negative traits of a Virgo are overcritical, fussy and sometimes harsh. Virgos are sometimes conservative and won’t expect the change. The Virgo born are sometimes criticize for being judgmental. They cannot ignore false and negligence and anything less than perfect is not good for them. Virgos are loyal partner. They need intellectual stimulation if you want to win their hearts. They are sometimes conventional people so do not force them, as it can lead to a broken relationship. They are not slow, their brains continuously works and evaluate things. To get the Virgo love, be patient in your attitude.Know your partner The lucky gemstones for Virgo are Emerald and Diamond. The lucky color for them is all shades of green and blue.