About Sunsign

Sagittarius ( 22 November – 22 December ) Sagittarius Sun Sign the ninth sign of the zodiac is famous zodiac for truth. This sign is represented by a man holding a bow and an arrow who is half human and half horse. The Sagittarius human have a keen desire of knowing the mystery of life. The people of this sign always look at the positive side of the life. They love to adore their life to spiritualism. They are highly optimistic people. Sagittarius sun sign people always love to enjoy life. They are kind hearted people. They always love to solve the problems to their near and dear ones. Although, they are highly active people sometimes they are unable to concentrate on any one single thing. Sagittarius Sun Sign falls under the fire sign. The people of this sun sign are highly unpredictable. But the energy of Sagittarius people is not destructive. They always have the best plans of their friends and relatives. The most prominent characteristics of Sagittarius people are Independence, Optimistic, Honest, Intellectual, Irresponsible, Reckless, Unemotional, Rude and Philosophical.The positive qualities of Sagittarius are their independence and honesty. They are optimistic in their attitude. Thay love to socialize with the people, but they are very selective people.

The negative characteristic of this sign is they are highly obsessed people. Sometimes they become unemotional and reckless. If Sagittarius Sun Sign is hurted then he/she may become too much rude and reckless.Sagittarius people are successful in wide variety of work and profession. Sagittarius people are good communicators. They can find themselves successful in the career of philosophy, education, teaching and diplomat.Sagittarius zodiac is very loyal with their partner. They don’t try to carry baggage of their past in their relationship. They are not unromantic people but they open up slowly and slowly. They love adventure in their romantic life.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of this sun sign. Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion. This makes the hardworking Sagittarius people successful in their profession and personal life. Birthstone for Sagittarius is Turquoise. The lucky color for this sign is dark red, dark blue, green and blue. Favorable month for this sign is January, February, April, May, August, November and December. These people may suffer from the rheumatism problem.