About Sunsign

Cancer ( 21 June – 22 July ) Cancer zodiac is denoted by the sign of crab. The people born under this sign are highly emotional creatures. Their true emotions are always hidden under their soft creature. They are very soft creatures and sensible in their approach. Cancerian people are very unpredictable as crab is unpredictable in the walk. They will never bear rejection from their loved ones. Some people born under this sign are moody and prone to pessimism and suspicion. The remarkable characteristics about crab are that they are extremely intuitive and imaginative.Cancerians hang upon the things and will not let the things to change. Cancerians are great family people. For them family always comes first. They love to enjoy quite evening at home rather than to hang outside. Cancerians positive traits denotes that they are dependable, over-sensitive, born leader, and born romantic. Cancer zodiac people are trustworthy, responsive, caring and reliable. They are loyal, sensitive, patriotic, sympathetic and intuitive.

The most striking negative qualities of this people are that they are plagued by the quick mood swings. It is due to the inter tidal creature which represents them. Cancerians always hold on past and will never let the things go down. Life of a Cancerians is full of contradictions. They may strive for one thing which is always opposite for them. Cancerians find success in whatever they choose as their career. They have a very caring nature, which help them to do best in the field of medicine and philanthropy. They make good doctors, obstetrician, and gynecologist. They are creative as well, which makes them highly successful in the field of art, design, chefs and caterer. Being prone by the sign crabs, the people of this sign are prone to emotional related health disorders. They may also be suffer from gastric problems, obesity and heart burn. They worry more so, they become prone to all kinds of stress - related disorders.

The lucky color of Cancer zodiac is white and Orange. Lucky gemstone for this sign is Pearl, and Moonstone. The lucky day for the people born under this sign is Monday.