About Sunsign

Leo ( 22 July – 23 August ) Leos are the royal leaders of the zodiac. Leo is the most masculine sign of the zodiac. It is symbolized by the sign Lion. Leos are the warmest spirited sign, and have a great desire of being loved. They are immensely ambitious sign. Leos love to be the center of attraction. They are social people and love to be in the crowd. Leos are very careful in choosing people who could be useful to them. They admire beauty and both Leo men and women fall for the beauty. The most prominent characteristics of Leo are confidence, determined, loyal, encouraging, obstinate, kind, loyal and dominating. The key plane of Leo is Sun. This zodiac sign has the warmth and shine as the qualities of the Sun. Although, most Leo’s are louder by their voice, they are soft by the inner core of their heart. Leo people crave for the fame and publicity. They are highly optimistic and this makes them a great leader. They have the strong ability to see the future and this makes them a great visionary. They are self-satisfied, courageous, passionate, influential and loyal. Leo sun sign people are highly successful in politics and administration. Their creativity helps them to excel in the field of art, acting, entertainers and directors. Due to their good personality they can also be a good sportsman. Leo’s can become lazy, if they enough stimulants are not present in them. Leos crave for love more than any other zodiac sign. They are beautiful people. They tend to get attracted to the people who are attractive. They pay too much t their outer appearance. Sometimes they become self-centered which may harm their social life The lucky color for the Leo Zodiac is all the shades of Red and Orange. Lucky gemstones for this sign are Ruby/Sunstone/Amber. These people go very well with the people born under Gemini, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio.