About Sunsign

Pisces ( 18 February – 20 March )

Pisces is the twelfth and the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces is a dreamy and romantic sign. This is a highly creative charming sign. Pisces zodiac sign is symbolized by the two fishes swimming in the opposite direction. Pisces are as versatile as many fishes in the ocean.Pisceans live in the imaginary world and they are the greatest dreamer. They look life through the glass of gold, which may not be always charming for the practical life. When encountered by reality, Pisceans find it hard to bear the real aspect of the life.

Sometimes they may become too lazy and day dreamer. This makes them too keen to sacrifice the interest of their close friends and their near and dear ones. Pisces fall under the water sign. The zodiac which fall under the water sign are too emotional by nature. Just like water, the emotions of Pisceans can be too deep and everlasting. Like the waves of the water, it doesn’t remain stable and varies.

The most important characteristics of Pisces sun sign are sympathetic, adaptable, sappy, thin skinned, tolerant and imaginative. The positive qualities of Pisces are that they love to dream. They love to dwell in their dream and hardly notice people around them. They are intellectual people who set their rules for themselves. The most prominent negative characteristics of Pisceans are that they are too lazy. But it doesn’t apply to all the people. It may vary according to the different horoscope. Sometimes they may become oversensitive.

Pisceans strengths are they are gentle and good natured people. Their helping nature loved by all. They are easy going and carry a friendly disposition. They are creative people. Pisceans imagination is appreciated by all. They are flexible by nature. The strengths of a Pisces are dedicative, tolerant, sympathetic, and flexible. Pisces weaknesses are they sometimes try to withdraw from the opposite situation. They easily come under the influence of the other people, this makes them malleable people. In career they can do well in the spiritualism. They can also find good scope in the creative and imaginative field. They can become great painters due to the creative bent of the mind.

Romantic relations with the Pisces can be emotionally challenging as they live in their own world. They love the idea of imaginary love. They crave for romance and charismatic partner. Pisces are loyal and passionate partners. Birthstone for Pisces can be Bloodstone or Aquamarine. Ruling planet for this sign is Jupiter. Favorable month for them is January, February, March, April, August, November and December. They can suffer from the disease of feet, toe and lymphatic system.