About Sunsign

Scorpio ( 23 October – 22 November ) Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio sun sign is denoted by the sign of the “Scorpion”. Mostly it is considered as an introvert feminine sign. Scorpios have diverse nature. They are very unpredictable. Scorpions are strong, commanding, dominating, passionate and zealous. In astrology this sign is divided into three main categories. These are poisonous, noble and lizards. Poisonous depicts that they can be extremely revengeful sometimes. Noble shows that they are reasonable and selfless. Lizards denote that they can be dangerous at sometimes but harmless also. Scorpio born is very serious to know and learn others. These people love to examine other people. They don’t like to be questioned. They have complex and secretive nature which makes them highly suspicious sometimes. Scorpios never shy away from working hard anyway. They are quite efficient in making good off opportunities. In love they are intense and passionate. Scorpio is another prominent member of water sign. Like oceans, it can hold too many secrets. Often Scorpio would hide the emotions as a deep ocean. Scorpio can be scheming and planning always at her next move. The most prominent characteristics of Scorpions are trustworthy, passionate, resourceful, dynamic, envious and resourceful. Scorpions if in love are the most passionate and most loyal person. They are mentally very strong and they can attract anyone by their magnetic personality. Their negative characteristics are jealousy and may become obsessive very soon. They seem to lose their temperament very easily sometimes. They cannot trust anyone too easily, and this creates misunderstanding between the two friends. Scorpios have magnetic personality. They are very devoted lovers. They are generous and helpful. The main strengths of Scorpions are loyalty, energetic, passion, vigilant, and ingenious. Jealousy, obsessive, scheming, obstinate are the most prominent negative characteristics of a Scorpions. They are vindictive and revengeful. They can hold any grudge for a very long time. Scorpions are intelligent, so they excel well in the field of investigator and detectives. They can make good healer and doctors. They can also become an excellent holistic healer. In the romantic front they are passionate lovers. Romantic relation with this sign will be passionate and fascinating. They are manipulative and they don’t mind stealing other’s partner. Lucky birthstone for this sign is Topaz. Lucky color for this sign are Orange, Pink, White, Navy Blue, Green. Ruling planet for this sign is Mars. The people of this sign may suffer from reproductive tract problems.