About Sunsign

Gemini ( 21 May – 21 June ) Gemini is a sign symbolized by the twins. Naturally, Gemini shows duality in their characteristics. Gemini is characterized by the prominent inconstancy. People of this sign always look situation from the dual perspective. This characteristic often leaves them confused about their feelings.Geminis are adjustable and versatile. They can easily adapt to any changing situation. They are versatile, as they enjoy wide range of subjects. They are enthusiastic and full of life. Geminis always crave for beautiful and creative things. Geminis born are excellent in their communication skill. They are soft-spoken. They can easily sell anything. They are intellectual and always interested in learning numerous subjects. They are curious, talkative, versatile and energetic.Geminis are prominent air sign. Motto of Gemini life is “Rolling stone gathers no moss”. People born under Geminis are quick decision maker. They are often polyglots, means speaking several languages.

In the love life, Geminis are often flirtatious. Their intelligence and speaking abilities make them able to find new friends and admirer. Because of the little flirtatious nature Gemini love side goes in a roller coaster side. To know about your partner Ask us Geminis love to talk and intelligence is the most important characteristics which make them special and attractive. They can get into relations without being serious. They love to live on the edge. Gemini women are intelligent and feminine. On their professional front they are great orators. They love to gossip and dig up things. They can become successful public speakers, orators, writers, novelists, and successful Journalist. Some of the negative traits of Geminis are superficial, spontaneous, agitated and deceitful. Gemini suffers from nervous problems and blood related problems. Mercury is the ruling planet of Geminis. The favorable months of this sun sign are January, March, April, June, August and November. Gemini’s are full of energy, but they have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. This makes them anxious and erratic.