Gemstone Remedies to Rectify Your Weak Planets

Gemstone remedies to rectify your weak planets

Gemstone remedies to rectify your weak planets

Malefic planets in Vedic astrology need rectification when they appear to be on the weaker side of your birth chart. While a lot of people are a staunch believer of astrology and the role of gemstones as solutions, there are others who continue to suffer without pondering that their struggling life could be a result of malefic planets and no solution. Vedic gemstones can have a large effect on your overall life and it is these gemstones that can make your stronger planets better. Get Gemstone Consultation

Gemstone remedies come into foreplay to negate the effects of malefic planets and strengthen benefic planets. The attuned and energized Vedic gemstones can yield a lot of power to strengthen your life and provide rational solutions to your problems. But, it is important that you consult an educated Vedic astrologer before jumping on to buy something like this.

In the table below, you will see which Vedic gemstone can affect what particular planet and can help you curb your problems.

Gemstone Planet/Star Affected Results
Ruby Sun Helps strengthen Sun in one’s birth chart and helps in rectifying problems such as self-confidence, soul, blood circulation, eyesight and individuality.
Pearl Moon Helps in rectifying menstrual problems, health problems related to kidney and lungs, depression and turbulent relationships.
Red Coral Mars Waives off health issues, major injuries and brings about prosperity and success.
Emerald Mercury Helps in working towards intelligence, business and communication. Brings positive changes to cure nervous disorders, communication problems and allergies.
Yellow Sapphire Jupiter Brings positivity, hope and good fortune.
Diamond Venus Helps cure impotence, sexual disorders, epilepsy and rheumatism.
Blue Sapphire Saturn Helps bring peace and cure leprosy, asthma and certain other ailments.
Hessonite  Rahu Helps in curing phobias, fears, contagious diseases and critical illnesses.
Cat’s Eye Ketu Cures allergies, skin problems, mental diseases, digestive complications, paralysis and cancer.

Vedic gemstones can bring about major changes in one’s life. It is important to have a thorough consultation with the Vedic astrologer to understand what suits you the best.

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