How to energize and wear gemstone ring

How To Energize And Wear Gemstone Ring

How to wear gemstone ring? Consecration, in the dictionary, means setting apart for sacred use of anything either is it a pendant or any stone. It refers to a process where the talisman is set apart in the scheme universe to be a singular use to you. Vedic Gemstone need special process before wearing it.

The process of consecration means the pooja which is shodashopchar and as per Vedic sacred texts only the shodashopchar puja of 16 sacred steps is regarded as the complete prayer ritual. Before beginning puja, a sankalpa is made by enchanting the name, nakshatra and rasi of the individual for whom the talisman has been made. The objectives should be very clear and it should focus on the complete details of the concerned person.

How to Energize & Wear Gemstones?

  • This Pooja is essentially the prayer ceremony of 16 rituals.
  • Invocation of deity known as Aavahan.
  • Aasan of the deity.
  • Washing the feet as traditionally done by ages to welcome the guest.
  • Offering holy water on the head called as Arghyam.
  • Purifying self, known as Aachamam to be worthy of conducting the puja.
  • Bathing the deity with water, milk, curd, honey, and sugar. These things are later on collected as panchamrata (five nectars) and distributed as Prasad. The deity is again given a cleansing bath eroded with vermilion, turmeric, and flowers mixed in water one by one.

Summary of Vedic Pooja of Gemstone

  • To adore deity in suitable cloth.
  • Applying sandalwood paste to the deity.
  • Dressing up the deity as is he is a regal entity, with ornaments, flowers and ornaments.
  • Offering flowers to the deity.
  • Offering incense stick.
  • Offering a lit ghee lamp to the deity.
  • Offering food to the deity ( Prasad should be cooked by the priest and it shouldn’t be bought from anywhere else )
  • Offering paan (betel) leaves and betel nut.
  • Offering final aarti.

The power of the deity is invoked as according to the wish and as to make abode in the talisman and work for gain and the welfare of the individual in question. Appropriate mantras are enchanted during all times and it is a holistic process that should be carried out with purity and sanctity.

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