Does Gemstone Affect Surroundings

Does Gemstone Affect Surroundings

The nine planets are associated with the gemstones. The 9 precious gemstones give immense benefit to the wearer. Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Pearl, Cats eye, Hessonite, Red Coral and Blue sapphire are the prominent precious gemstones. These are concerned to a specific planets and gives results according to the placement of the planet in the birth chart of the individual. Sometimes the family members are concerned and ask if their children or their spouse can wear the Gem for their children etc due to lack of trust, age, safety measures.

Now the simple answer is this, if a gemstone is being worn for harnessing the negative energy of the planet then it will only effect the person who is wearing the gemstone and not for the one who is wearing in substitute for other person. A Gemstone is attuned to an individual’s body and is recommended after proper analysis of individual and unique planetary positions and has no effect on anybody else except for a word of appreciation or a glance of jealousy.
The Divine is responsible for the energy and the power and if reverse was true then everybody would be wearing gemstone in place of other people. An ailing spouse would ask, please suggests a gemstone so that my spouse leaves me minimal alimony or he may not leave me. In the same way another demand would be I want to wear Gemstone so that ABC falls ill or get cured from the disease he or she is suffering from. These can be dangerous scenarios and would lead to chaos in the world and to put it plain it doesn’t happen at all.

Those people who think like this are living in a fools’ paradise. Instead of accumulating these things on mind and unrealistic expectations that something bad has happened just due to gemstone has to be discarded. A proper guidance by an excellent astrologer can help to wear right gemstone according to the planetary positions and the periods and the sub periods going in your horoscope.

If you’re looking for gemstone recommendation, then you can contact our expert Mr. Prashant Kapoor. He is an experienced astrologer practicing this divine science since last 20 years. It is dangerous to wear any precious or semi precious gemstone without any proper recommendation because it may cause sudden bad changes in your life, if the gem is not favoring you. Therefore, it is better to get gemstone recommendation before wearing it.

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