Sagittarius Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Filled with enthusiasm, fearlessness, and ambitions, Sagittarius treads the path with self-confidence adopting a fresh approach to life. Ruled by the Jupiter, Sagittarius is blessed with optimism, positivism and a great sense of humor. Sagittarius drafts their own terms of living life and isn’t afraid to switch places if they are impinged by life’s message. This is just a faint picture; more is yet to be explored. Gear up for 12 hidden secrets of Sagittarius just got unveiled!


Sagittarius is considered as the most optimistic sign of all. They believe in staying in the present rather than regretting the past.  They have the knack of pointing out constructive criticism in everything. This makes this sign slightly irritating. They are passionate dream chaser.

Wicked Sense of Humor

Sagittarius has this natural sense of reaping something funny and humorous in the monotony walks of life. The combination of ruthless sarcasm and humor gets their stomach pain with endless laughter. They are indeed fun to be around.


They are highly intuitive and can read you like a book.  They have this quality of knowing the person at once and too to the core. They instinctively pick up on the things that one misses out on in general.

Can’t Stand Losers

Sagittarius has pet peeve for the one who constantly loses and just can’t stand him.  They believe in winning anyhow, losing is a coward’s deed.

Extremely Curious

The traits of curiosity and creativity are central to this sign.  This inquisitive side of theirs makes them great writers, philosophers, and musicians. They are constantly learning about anything and everything wherever they go. You can often encounter them reading most of the time!

Avoids Meaningless Gossips

Sagittarius refrains from delving into dramas and meaningless gossips that are completely not worth their precious time. They choose to focus on the things that are important like friends, family and of course their dreams!


Sagittarians are focused on the future and prefer to find answers instead of issues and problems and focus more on positive aspects of the things rather than the negative ones.

Impeccable Memory

Sagittarians have an impeccable memory. If they put a 5 years old instance on the table, don’t get surprised!  They remember every minor detail.


You can expect a Sagittarius to land at an adventurous place on holidays rather than a serene and peaceful one.  This is how they are! Sagittarians indeed have a spark to light in life! They are constantly out venturing for fresh adventurous trips and one feels lively in their company.

Distance Themselves when Feel Hurt

When they are hurt, their search for cocoon existence begins.  They are really good at concealing their true emotions from the world.  They find it easy to express themselves through actions rather than words.

Restless Beings

Sagittarius wants everything like you sow it now and reap the fruits the very next day! When things don’t move their way, they tend to get frustrated and restless.


Sagittarius is one of the most straightforward personalities and hard to fool creatures. Don’t underestimate their quality of being reasonably honest and their ability to think ahead of time.

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