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Gemini Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Gemini Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Gemini individuals are regarded as the most intelligent zodiac sign owing to the curiosity to gain knowledge and knack of reading books.  But are you completely acquainted with an irresolute and solitary side of Gemini? Known as a fun-loving and jolly personality then what makes a fun loving person shut the door to social life? Here are listed 12 secrets about Gemini that will make you change your mind. Let’s get started!

Observant and Knowledge Sucker

Gemini is a curious creature who desires to sip every bit of knowledge that exists in the world and is observant of things that further fumes up their curiosity.  They have a knack for figuring out the truth. Never underestimate their power of getting to the bottom of the things.  They are excellent writers, journalists, and artists.

Flirtatious Instincts but a Passionate lover

Gemini individuals are over-enthusiastic and fun-loving people. They are hardly bothered about the future and believe in enjoying present to the lease.  Gemini’s trait of hanging out with different folks at a time proves troublesome to their romantic partners.

Center of Attraction

Gemini loves to express if something rules their mind and they would want everyone to pay attention to it.  Gemini is smart and knows how to articulate a speech in a way to make it entertaining and knowledgeable at the same time.

Have No Patience for Complainers

Gemini has little or no time for the one who constantly insists on finding loop holes in almost everything. They just hate the repetitive whining of the things and get bored easily.

Extraordinary Skills and Intellect

These folks focus on the tasks that involve extreme intellect and creativity and succeed in professionals related to communication.  They find difficulty in balancing the pragmatic and pleasant approach.

Drawn to Interesting Folks

Gemini finds it hard to get enough of the stimulators and find themselves drawn to witty banters that have interesting stories to make them laugh.

Adventurous Spirit

Gemini people tend to be sporty and adventurous in any venture of life be it hobbies or Career. They are always up for taking a crazy route to something exciting.

Enough is Enough

Gemini doesn’t get involved in the issues that include arguments as they find it hard to manage and control the situation. But if Gemini is pushed to the corner and is unjustly accused, then they respond in a fierce way. Gemini is cool but beyond the boiling point, an explosion happens.

Love should meet expectations

Love for Gemini is something how they want it to be, totally uncompromising. They prefer to love with all might based on their self-interest and expectations. If Gemini’s expectations aren’t met in a relationship, he is bound to seek it outside.

Lacks Consistency

This can be accounted for as the biggest tragic flaw.  Their hesitation in taking a firm decision and this duality of nature spoils the relationship.

Twists the Conversation Discourse

 They are analytical at times and judge on the basis of prejudice.  This capability of theirs makes them change the direction a conversation is headed to depending upon the situation.

Talks off their Mind

When Gemini is on the verge of exploding anger, there is no looking back. Gemini doesn’t hold anything within, even the secrets. They don’t mind hurting anyone with bluntness. Keeping secrets? Forget about it!

These were the main secrets of the Gemini sign. Enjoyed going through it? The great thing is you can get a complete glimpse of Gemini’s personality and secret traits. To know more about the sign you can contact the best astrologer, Astro Kapoor.

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