Pisces Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Pisces Zodiac Sign 12 Hidden Secrets

Pisceans are generally assumed to be individuals from another planet. Smart, intuitive, creative, Pisces can be close to psychic. They think deeply and have strong gut reactions. Nothing can remain concealed from the laser view of Pisces, they know everything. You can label Pisces as something from total genius to a nutcase.  But Pisceans aren’t completely pushovers. Here are 12 secrets that reveal them inside out!

Absolute Tenderness

The tender heart of the Pisces is probably the biggest of the secret. They are vulnerable to all kinds of physical illness and heartbreaks. Pisces heart is most tender of all the zodiacs, demands careful attention and pampering.

Incredibly Intuitive

Pisceans are smart in picking up clues that are generally missed out by other signs. They are guided by their powerful instincts and hence are able to notice more than others.

Appreciates Being alone

When you met a Pisces, you find them friendly and easy to go with. The Pisceans are always eager to help. This is often mistaken for them of being social animals.  But in reality, Pisces enjoys being solemn and alone with her own thoughts.  This tendency of enjoying being who they are stems from their desire to escape reality.  Yes, they are escapists!

Difficult to Figure Out

Pisces share this mysterious trait about them of being complex and hard to put into a box. They leave others intrigued about what they are up to.

Adapt quickly to new surroundings

Pisces just roll with the punches and quickly adapt to new people and personalities.  They are smart at encountering common traits and this makes them a comfortable presence to be around.

Fears Rejection

Pisces have a tender heart and sought for a meaningful and lasting relationship. Finding love is a hard deal for Pisces. This fear of winding up alone often restrains them from opening up their hearts to someone.


Creativity and imagination are the traits that are largely associated with Pisces. They often make great artists, writers or musicians who have a creative touch to it. They see the world with an out of the box perspective, which becomes the source for Pisces’s inspiration.


Pisces develops a strong wall around them and assumes that nobody can able to know what they are actually feeling and doesn’t even grants a chance to try. Of course, no one can read a Pisces’s mind! Pisces end up feeling frustrated and complicated. They need to let down their guards and allow people to love them.


Pisces remains in tune with the magic of routine existence and harbors this ability to find beauty in every situation, even the ones that lead to tears.  Recognition of this sense of beauty and their way of sharing this among their peers is something that can’t be completed.


When it comes to making decisions, Pisces find it hard to settle for one. They take long in taking decisions. So, if you are seeking a piece of advice, Pisces may not be the one to bump into.


For all the traits that combine up Pisces, the emotional side of there is something that can’t be ignored.  The highs and lows are felt harder by Pisces. They find it hard to battle out situations and get over with it quickly.

Fairytale Romantics

When it comes to finding the right partner, classic Romance is what they strive for.  For sweeping gestures of love and affections, Pisces goes a long way. It makes it easier to know that they are wanted and loved.

To be best both professionally and emotionally, Pisces needs to feel safe in their personal air for expressing themselves completely without fear of criticism.

These were some of the main secrets about Pisces personality, I enjoyed reading it? Want to know more about the Pisces? You can contact the famous astrologer online, Astro Kapoor.

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