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Get In-depth Analysis Of Your Health Concerns With Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is just one part of Jyotisha, the science of the heavens, that can be very useful in our daily lives. “The mind and the body are the homes of disease,” says the Charaka Samhita, an ancient Indian medical treatise. Awareness of mental health issues should therefore be a top priority for everyone. With the help of medical astrology, one can learn about underlying diseases that can surface in the near future and prevent themselves from the major effects those diseases can bring.

When analysing a chart for potential disease, our medical astrologer takes into account the following factors: disease progression, diagnosis, and possible remedies.

As part of medical astrology consultations, our astrologers will give you a detailed analysis of your health concerns.

Medical Astrology

Allow the Stars and Planets to Guide Your Health Decisions through Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is merely one of the many branches of the heavenly science of Jyotisha that may have immense utility in our daily lives. The real ailment and its diagnosis necessitate a great deal of investigation by astrological specialists because the subject matter is so wide and complex. Medical Astrology offers a very robust approach that may be used to reliably predict the occurrence of events and diseases and their timing in the contemporary context.

Medical astrology is distinctive in another way. It promotes corrective efforts in the form of planetary appeasement in the event of the unfavourable planetary conjunction. To accomplish this, it is vital to comprehend and respect the astrological origins of disease.

The Word “Medical Astrology” Immediately Conjures Up Two Ideas:

The onset of illness or the disruption of one’s comfort.

The use of Astrology to treat illness.

The World Health Organization defines health as a condition of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not only the absence of disease. The inclusion of spiritual health in the definition of health may be justifiable in the current era of increased awareness.

According to the ancient Indian medical text Charaka Samhita, the mind and the body are the abodes of sickness. As a result, everyone should prioritise mental health awareness.

The following aspects are considered by our medical astrologer when analysing a chart in relation to disease:

Timing of disease occurrence.



The remedy and treatment

These factors are also important to you and to the medical astrologer, In medical astrology, our astrologers explain to you essential facts about your health-related issues.

The Timing of Disease Onset Helps You to Take Precautions before the Time

This is an astrologer’s area of expertise. When reviewing a horoscope, our competent astrologer of medical astrology is able to predict when a person is likely to become unwell. This may aid in taking preventative precautions, particularly astrological remedial procedures, to avert the disease.

It is impossible for a physician to foretell a future sickness. There are certain disorders that tend to run in families and may be present in some of the native’s blood relatives. On the basis of the current state of medical knowledge, it is not possible to forecast with any degree of precision who among the relatives will suffer and when.

Important aspects of your health can be identified by Medical Astrology.

Medical astrology can assist in two ways

First, when unfavorable planetary effects predict the onset of a disease in the future, remedial astrological measures such as planet propitiation may be employed.

Second, medical astrology can predict if and when surgical intervention will be beneficial. In addition, our competent astrologer is able to identify a diseased organ and what prior treatments you can take.

Why Should You Consult Our Medical Astrology Experts About Your Problems?

You can speak directly with our medical astrologer over the phone to discuss any personal issues or problems. Our team of skilled astrologers is extremely experienced and well-trained in medical astrology, and they deliver precise forecasts for health issues. Due to the fact that the astrologer prepares and analyses your birth chart prior to your session, and gives you sufficient time to discuss your birth chart If you need to discuss numerous topics and profiles of multiple individuals, you can schedule sessions as per your requirements.

You can ask specific questions on love, marriage, careers, businesses, finances, health, higher education, and travel, among other topics. Discuss any subject with the astrologer and obtain accurate forecasts.

If planetary placements and combinations do not appear to work in your favour, then our medical astrologer is aware of you and gives you applicable astrological treatments.