Benefits of zircon gemstone

Benefits of Zircon Gemstone

Benefits and Uses
Zircon is a gemstone associated with planet Venus, the planet of love and passion. It is useful for the married life and strengthens the passion, understanding, love and romance in one’s life. Zircon is highly recommended for the people who desire of peace in their life or in their love life. People who wear zircon is gifted with an artistic bent of mind and they like profession such as singing, music, acting and dancing. It is also said that this stone heals the urinary and the reproductive organs of the body. It also brings in a feel of confidence to its wearer.

Mohs Scale Hardness: 6.5-7.5
Ruling Planet: Venus
Density: 3.93-4.73
Refractive Index: 1.810-2.024
Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Pink, Purple and Grey.
Transparency: Transparent
Places: Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Benefits of Zircon

Zircons are not very costly and they are easily available and they are commonly used in the imitation jewelry.

Uses of Zircon
• It helps in bringing the physical and the mental strength and is also good for meditation.

• It helps to bring visions and turn dreams into reality.

• This is useful for providing support as emotional, physical and spiritual balance to the body.

• Zircon is very good stone for women. It helps them to get along with other women smoothly.

• It helps in clearing the passage which are blocked by the energies in the body.

• Zircon also helps in curing disease such as dizziness and muscle problem.

• It can be worn as jewelry in necklace, pendants and also in bracelets.

• Zircon helps in enhancing the memory of the wearer.

• It is useful for removing the migraine attack and weariness that comes with an old age.

• It is useful for bringing harmony in the life.

• Zircon possesses magical abilities and is good for pregnant women and those who wants to get pregnant.

• It brings peace and purity at heart.

• It is used as a symbol of purity.

What are the astrological benefits of Zircon?
Zircon is a widely known gemstone which is also used as a substitute for diamond. It is a beautiful gemstone and is found in many available colours. The wide variety of color has made it a famous gemstone for making jewelry. Rings, pendants and many other forms of jewelry can be made with the help of zircon. Apart from all these, it has spiritual properties and many astrological too. It is a belief that this stone can do wonders for a person who is wearing it.

Zircon in Astrology
Astrological science has said that it is useful for the protection of our mind and the body. It removes the harmful rays emitted by celestial bodies in the solar system. It is also believed that it is very good for bringing the positive power of the Venus, the planet of love and passion. It increases the self-esteem and wisdom in a person.

Uses of Zircon in Astrology
Zircon is found in many colors. They are transparent, green, blue, brown, yellow, orange and red in color. These colors are caused by impurities that are mixed in the mineral during the formation of the gem. They are semiprecious and brittle too, i.e. they can get damaged easily.

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