Moonstone - Chandrakant Mani

Moonstone – Chandrakant Mani

Moonstone/Chandra Kant Mani: This semiprecious gemstone resembles in its pale appearance, the Moon. Chandra kant Mani/ Moonstone gemstone is also available in other colors. It is considered as a substitute of ‘Pearl’. Chandrakant Mani/Moon Stone is called the “Gem of hope”. It is a harmless stone. Moon Stone is one of the stones, which was used by the ancient Hindus in worship as a representative of Chandra (Moon). It has become very popular because of its efficiency and beneficial effects. Moon Stone is good for those dealing with research projects, accountancy, banking, navigation, judiciary and engineering. It is recommended to the person who has a sensitive stomach. Moon Stone relieves mental tensions, nervous disorders. It provides concentrations, solves the problems of marriage, heart ailments, gynecological problems, epilepsy, mental ailments.

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We provide certified Moonstone/Chanrakant Mani.



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