The Top 10 tips for buying Gemstones online in India

The Top 10 tips for buying Gemstones online in India

Today the world of internet and ecommerce have grabbed the buying and selling of gemstones in an easy manner. On a mouse click we can purchase gemstone within a minute, but before buying gemstone it is essential that you check the authenticity of the gemstone because all that glitters are not gold.
The thinking plane lies in the details and buying gemstones whether on the desk of the jeweller or online, it is probably a difficult task. In this topic we are going to explain how to buy gemstones online-

1) The best consideration when buying gemstones online in India or elsewhere is color. The color should be as pure and there should be no mixing of the shades.

2) The Top Shades are primary and true colours without any mix and match of shades. As for example, the deep red should fetch a higher price than the light pink color in Ruby gemstone. It is important that do not go only for the photograph of the gemstone. Vendor should ensure to provide you a most accurate picture while buying gemstone that along with the beauty also emphasizes the characteristics of gemstone such as feathers and inclusions

3) When Buying Gemstones online in India try to give more value to weightage to video than to the 3D photograph because in a video you can clearly see the gemstone from each angle. You’ll get a better chance to view the gemstone from the point of cut, clarity and colour. Also note, that all natural gemstone have some inclusions present in it which will not be possible to view from the naked eye.

4) You should have the proper facilities from the gemstone seller for comparing the color and the price of the gemstone. You should be able to compare price of the 2 gemstones in the same price level.

5) It is also important that while buying gemstone online in India the treatments should be clearly disclosed. The most common of them are heat treatment. Small amount of heat treatment is done for enhancing the color of the gemstone but it is typically 25-30% less in price. Heat treatment destroys the natural quality of the gemstone

6) It is also important that you look for the origin of the gemstone. Blue sapphires from Ceylon, Burma and Kashmir is the most famous and highly preferred. Yellow sapphires from Ceylon and Emerald from Colombia and Zambia is also highly priced

7) When buying Gemstones online be sure that you get huge amount to compare the gems and to select the best one for you.

8) When purchasing Gemstones online ensure that you get the certificate of authenticity from a reputed gemstone lab and a vendor should have a flexible and easy return and refund policy.

9) A Vendor with third party independent reviews is always a great resource because you’ll get an independent analysis of the vendor without any bias tendency.

10) Always buy a gemstone from a genuine and a registered gemstone seller and vendor.



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