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How to Spot Fake Diamonds

How to Spot Fake Diamonds

Fake diamonds form a large part of the market. It is obvious that if we are going to buy a diamond, there should be an eye to analyse whether the diamond is fake or natural. There are lot of features that can help you to spot a fake diamond.

Identification of Fake Diamonds

Diamonds are woman’s best friend. We urge for diamonds, especially women. But, before wearing a diamond, it is essential to know whether it is original or not. Fake diamonds are found in the jewelry stores and in the gemstone trade also. There are more numbers of fake diamonds in the shop in comparison to the natural diamonds. Most are found in the small size stones but occasionally they can also be of larger size. With this guide, you can get a clear idea of identifying a fake diamond. Sometimes, you may get confused about the diamonds and the fake diamonds. Fake diamonds have such a shiny luster that it is impossible to know that whether it is fake or natural.

This guide is for the people who love diamonds and have diamonds at home that are set or unset. The tests below are not definitive and if you have any concern about the diamond, then it should only be tested by a professional.

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We know that diamonds can cut glass, but did you know that there are several minerals who posses this capacity. According to the standard Mohs scale hardness, minerals from the hardness scale of 7, like quartz to hardness scale 10, diamond, are all capable of cutting a glass.

Test For Fake Diamonds At Home

There are various tests for fake diamonds. In this section I am describing a brief note about the test for fake diamond.  You can use these test to know the whether you are buying a natural diamond or a fake diamond.

Use a Loupe – A loupe is a monocle-like magnifier and is inexpensive. It is used by most of the jewelry house. The magnification present in it allows for the analyst to determine for clarity and quality in the gemstone.

The Fog Test – The fog test consists of cupping your hands around the stone and blowing on it. Then wait for sometimes and see how long the condensation takes to evaporate. Diamonds are other hard minerals that tend to be excellent conductors of heat so quick evaporation is a good indication of a hard material in your hand.

Use Heat and Ice – If you have loose stone and you are brave, then fill a glass with water and ice, pick your rock with tweezers and then heat it on a stove, after heating, put it in the water. If it shatters into pieces, then you have hard stone which may not be diamond.

Zircon a substitute for Diamond

How to spot fake diamonds

Tests Using Light

The Newspaper Test – Known as ‘Pen and Ink’ test, this is a very simple process. Place the largest flat side down on newsprint or a magazine article, and observe if you can read the letter. If you can, then probably you have a fake piece.

The Dot Tests – This is similar to the newspaper test. Mark a piece of paper with a black dot. Place flat surface of diamond and observe the dot though the point end of the Diamond. If you can see the dot, it is likely a fake diamond.

Diamond tester- Diamond testers are an easy way to check the authenticity of a diamond. Place the probe on the stone and look at the reading.

There are plenty of fun and other informative and interesting information about diamond and its test. It is therefore advised that always go for a genuine gemstone seller of gemstone industry for buying a natural diamond.

If not possible. you can wear Zircon in place of Diamond



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