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Vastu Shastra For Love

Vastu Shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture, literally, means the “ science of architecture”. The texts are found in the Indian subcontinent describing the principles of design, layout, measurements, space arrangement and ground preparation. Vastu Shastra can also help to improve your love life. Vastu Shastra for romance can help one to get the new love in their life. If the relationship between you and your spouse is not smooth, then there may be a negative flow of energy in your home or around your surroundings. It is believed according to Vastu Shastra that the surroundings, your home and the available space can help to get the desired partner because the connection with the space around us helps to enhance the power of attraction and anything that we wish. By balancing the different zones of the house it is possible to bring back the true love of life.

Tips to attract love by Vastu Principles

Vastu Shastra for romance is can help you get the love of your life. The first and the foremost main tip to attract the love of life is by balancing the zones of your home and surrounding. When we balance the zone, we balance our life. The objects that we place in a zone and the activities performed in the zone directly affect corresponding emotion. Love can be achieved or attracted by the principle of Vastu.
The South-west corner is the zone of relationship. If this zone is not stable then the relationships may get disturbed. Balance the south-west zone and if unbalances it can create a lot of troubles in the relationship life.
East-North-East zone is called a zone of rejuvenation. Throw the unused or stored waste material as it can create staleness in the relationship.
East- South-East zone is the zone of anxiety and its effect on the decision-making capacity.
North-North-West zone is the zone of attraction. It is a good place for the eligible people who are in their marriageable age. This zone should be always balanced.

Following are some more tips that will help you in your search for true love

Avoid making toilet or kitchen in the South-West direction of your home.
Remove red color from South-West zone as it may disturb this zone.
Try to keep a pair of love birds in the South-West zone to find true love.
Remove blue color from the South-South-West zone to enhance the love relationship.
Never prefer to make a bedroom in the East-South-East zone. Keeping grinder mixer in this zone can help to make a better decision in life.
Keep the East-North-East zone clean as it will keep freshness in the relationship.
Keep a pair of lovebirds in the South-West zone to find true love.
Keep a photo of your husband or your spouse in the North-North-West zone to enhance love.
Keep your bedroom in the south as this is the ideal zone for the love and the relationship.
Try to keep your house clean and avoid any mess up. Keep all your rooms clutter free from objects.

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True love is not a thing to create artificially, you need to be positive about your dreams and wishes. Good things start flowing if you think positive in your life, and you’ll be amazed to see how easily you can attract the person of your dream in your life.



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