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Art of lapidary

Art of Lapidary

Lapidary is the term used for gem cutting and gem cutters. The art of Lapidary is fashioning a rough piece of stone or crystal into a sparkling gem. Lapidary has evolved as an art form over several centuries. Today in the science and technology era, it has advanced with new technique and innovation. Lapidary artists use gemstones as the medium in which they work, and often study the material for weeks or months before cutting, how to give the shape. Their work is distinctive and recognizable.
Just as a painting is valued at more than the cost of the paint and canvas, so it also with the gemstones; a magnificently cut gemstone is valued not just for its weight, color, or clarity but for the beauty added by the cutter. The value of an exquisitely cut gem is much better than one that is cut in a more common manner. The lapidary artist makes a gemstone more magnificent, and breathtaking jewels also.

Lapidary artists use and assess numerous elements like color, light refraction, the presence and placement of inclusion, and the shape of the rough surface. Lapidary artists are more in demand due to their excellent art of shaping the gemstone.
In addition to the risk of breaking or damaging a gem, creating maximum beauty usually means sacrificing the size of the finished gem and committing much more time to its creation. But the goal of Lapidary artist is to create the most beautiful gem, that is unique and distinctive.

Today lapidary artists have introduced a whole new style of cutting with a totally different focus. Today sculpturing technique is used. Focussing on internal performance has led to curved faceting.

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