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Emerald “Panna”: – Represents: Mercury “Budh” Emerald is one of the most common precious stone. Emerald/Panna represents the planet Mercury, “Budh”. According to Indian astrology, Budh is the son of Chandra, i.e. Moon. It is the smallest planet of the solar system and is near most planets to the Sun.

Emerald/Panna helpful in Career and professions: Insurance, management, law, astrology, accountancy, mathematics, economist, writing and publications, music and dance, theater, gemology, business and politics, detective, art and sculpture etc.
Diseases that get cured wearing this gemstone Panna/Emerald: Nervous breakdown, restlessness, migraine, throat problem, bronchitis, tonsil, asthma, nasal problem, diseases related to rheumatic, acidity and cough, skin diseases, impotency, constipation, pancreas etc.

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