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Holi Puja

Holi Puja

Holi is a very scared festival celebrated throughout India. It is believed to remove the evils and the sorrows from the society. Holi puja is performed to remove all the fears of people and the benefits of Holi puja is enormous, it brings prosperity and happiness in the life of the people. The demoness, Holika is worshipped along with Prahlad on the eve of Holi and the Holika dahan is performed day before the Holi festival. According to the belief these two rituals are done during the prescribed time and per the panchaang for the maximum benefits. It is also said not to perform this ritual during the daytime as it may attract misfortune and bad luck.The Hoil Puja should be performed properly top prevent ill luck and misfortune.

Materials required
Before the puja, you need a bowl of water, beads made of cow dung, rice, roli, dhoop sticks, cotton threads, pieces of turmeric, Moong lentils (green gram), Batasha, coconut and Gulal powder and a newly harvested crop.

Holika installation
First clean the place where the puja is to be performed using cow dung and Ganga water. Keep a wooden pole and decorate it with garlands of toys and beads made of cow dung. Now on top of the heap, the idols of Holika and Prahlad are placed. The pile should be decorated with several items made from cow dung like swords, shields, stars, sun, moon and other toys. During Holika dahan (burning the effigy of Holika), the idol of Prahlad is taken out along with four beads of cow dung securing them one each for the sake of ancestors, Hanuman, Sheetala and the family of the performers.

Sankalp Puja
Hold some water, rice, flower and some money in your right hand and do the sankalp stating the Hindu year, month, tithi, nakshatra, day. Family, name, surname, place of puja, purpose of puja and the deity to whom the puja is offered

Ganapati Puja
Chant the mantras of Ganapati and offer some fragrant flowers, roli, rice etc “Vakra Tunda Mahaakaaya Koti Suuryua Samaprabha Avignam Kurume Deva Sarva Karyeshu Sarvataa” “Om Gam Ganapataye Namah, Panchopacharartha Gandhakshada Pushpani Samarpayaami”

Ambika puja
Chant the following mantra of Ambika “Aum Ambikaayai Namah, Panchopacharartha Gandhakshada Pushpani Samarpayaami”

Narasimha Puja
Chant the following mantra of Lord Narasimha and offer some fragrant flowers, roli etc. “Aum Narasimhaaya Namah, Panchopacharartha Gandhakshada Pushpani Samarpayaami”

Prahlada Puja
Chant the following mantra of Prahlad and offer some fragrant flowers, roli, rice and offering of your choce. “Aum prahlaadaaya Namah, Panchopacharartha Gandhakshada Pushpani Samarpayaami”

Holika puja
Stand in front of Holi with your hands folded and chat the following mantra “Asukhpaabhaya Satrasthaih Krutaa Tvam Holi Baalishaih Athastvaam Puujayishyaami Bhute Bhutipradhaa Bhavah”. Collect some flowers, rice, fragrant substances, coconut, garlands made of cow dung to Holika. You may also use turmeric, Barbholiye and other fragrant offerings. Now move three to five rounds during the process and tie yarn around the Holika. The water pot should be now emptied in front of the Holika heap.

Holika dahan
After process the Holika fire is burnt. According to the usual custom, fire is got from the public bonfire to set Holika pile to flames. Some people remove idols of Prahalad along with the four dung garlands before setting fire to the pile, some people make an image of Prahalad in non-inflammable material. Therefore while burning the bonfire, Holika image is burnt to ashes while the image of Prahalad remains unblemished. Now following that people seek blessings around the fire and elders. New crops are raosted and distributed as a Prasad to the people and the relatives. The ash of the bonfire is distributed to the gathering and also smeared on the bodies for a happy and a wealthy life.

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