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Lunar eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse is an Astronomical event that takes place when the Moon moves into the Earth’s shadow. This happens only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned, with Earth being in the middle. A Lunar eclipse occurs only on the night of a full moon. In the year 2020, 5th July third Lunar eclipse will be seen. It will mainly be visible some parts of India, Africa, North America, South America, South East Europe, Antarctica.

Impact of Lunar Eclipse on socio-economic and political arena

The Lunar eclipse will bring some new hope, light in the mind of people and their economic stagnancy in some cases will show slow movement. Though majority of people have same anxiety, doubt about the future of respective financial condition. The economic condition of the world will be still struggling resulting in unnecessary chaos and unrest in the society. In international sphere India will acquire a new position which will make the nation strong and more sovereign. There are chances that India may become manufacturing hub in coming financial year leading to more employment scope for the people. The preparation for the same will initiate in coming months.

Consequences of eclipse on individual’s zodiac sign

Aries: You may have to face many obstacles related to your family. Try to avoid any dispute and unnecessary stress. Stay happy and spent time on your passion and hobbies.

Taurus: You will face difficulties on your work field or business. Avoid argument with your boss or colleague, as that might take a bad shape. Take care of your health as it demands attention.

Gemini: Stay away from any kind of dispute with the people surrounding you. Do not neglect your health as it may lead to trouble. Your finances will improve which will bring some respite in your life.

Cancer: You may have to face struggles and difficulties in the sphere of profession, health and personal life. Take care of your children. Pay attention to your studies

Leo: There may be turbulence in your family life. Take good care of your near and dear ones. You need to keep a control on your words or the way you are interacting with others.

Virgo: Your family members will demand attention from you. Take special care of everyone. Think twice before entering into a partnership in business.

Libra: Your work area may be a reason of anxiety for you, as there is a chance of facing some obstacles/ hardship. Keep restraint in your speech. Health may pose some problem for you so do not neglect your health.

Scorpio: Avoid any mental anxiety. Take part in spiritual activities. Focus on your passion and live your life happily.

Sagittarius:  You need to let go of negative thinking. Read book or watch television to attain peace. Think about the pros and cons before making any crucial decision.

Capricorn: There will be turbulence in your financial life as there may incur financial loss. Tension will crop up between you and your partner/ colleague. Stay alert of all those people who may harm you from behind.

Aquarius: Health of a loved one could be affected. Be cautious of your enemies. Negligence towards health could lead to trouble.

Pisces: There may be a chance of accident, take precautions while driving or travelling. Avoid any unnecessary travel.  Be with your family members and take care of them.



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