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Totems are like a ritual which helps to remove problems. It is used since ancient time to solve the problems. There are some beliefs of people, that their problems can be solved by taking certain rituals. These rituals are like planting a tree, keeping a chalk panel, hanging lemon and chillies or horseshoe etc, are devoid of any logic or rationale, but they have stood the test of time. They worked for some people and came to be propagated as totems. There are numerous totems, but we are describing only a few selected totems here.

1-If there is a pain in the spinal cord and the backbone, then keep a chalk panel under the mattress, while sleeping. It will bring proper sleep and relief in the pain.
Tulsi plant carries great significance. Five tulsi plants, planted in the north-east ensure prosperity and success in the life.

2-To remove mental tension due to Shani Grah hang a black horseshoe on the main door or have it embedded near the threshold.

3-To remove any obstructions while construction of the house, keep a silver snake in the foundation of the house.

4-To ensure peace and to keep troubles away, make a sketch of Swastika and Devi feet outside the main gate, and clean it every morning.

5-If facing shortage of the funds to construct a house, plant a pomegranate sapling in the plot during the fortnight when the Moon is rising. Water the plant regularly and pray to Goddess Lakshmi.

6-To make a plot fertile, tie a cow and calf for about ten days on the plot. Feed them properly. Maintain cordial relationships and spend a part of the income on the charity.

Please Note: These are the very generalize totems, which are used since ancient time for the problems indicated above. For any other problems, practice proper totems to solve the problems.

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